at least 6 killed this weekend in violenct acts–Ciudad Juarez

Between Saturday and Sunday, there have been at least 6 victims of
homicide. This afternoon a decomposing body was found in El Million, a
village in the Valle de Juarez. Also this afternoon, 2 men were shot and
killed in the Colinas de Juarez neighborhood. A woman died in the hospital
after being shot along with 2 other women on Thursday this week. One woman
died at the scene and another victim was also taken to the hospital and
survived. A man and woman were shot on Saturday night at a party. Armed men
arrived and the man and woman were put against the wall and shot. The man
died at the scene. The woman was taken to hospital and the article says
that her condition is unknown. The body of a man was found in the Colonia
Arroyo Colorado and it appeared that he had been killed by blows to the
head with a rock. Also this morning, the body of a man was found in the
colonia Lino Vargas. the body had stab wounds and bullet wounds and was
wrapped in a black bag.

I will attempt to tally the deaths for April so far tomorrow. Since this is
past the middle of the month, I think that El Diario will produce the
tally.  molly

Reyes Salazar Family Press Conference

There are several video clips at the link below to the press conference announcing the grant of political asylum to Saúl Reyes. In  one clip is a statement from Jorge Luis Reyes, the son of two family members kidnapped and murdered last year. The main video clip features Sara Salazar speaking about how the killings of her sons and daughters. “I had 10 children and only four remain alive, they have killed them all, and  I can’t do anything… my heart is dry, I don’t have any more strength to do anything else”, said Doña Sara Salazar.

Mi corazón está seco, dijo Sara Salazar, El Diario de Juárez, February 8, 2012