Mexican customs agent says Texas trucker nabbed at border with bullets tried to return to US

OK—so, the weapons cargo in the truck that Javin Bogan was driving was
documented in the paperwork and not hidden, but packed normally on pallets
in the cargo compartment of the truck. It is now established in the Mexican
court that the Mexican officials lied.  Also note that Bogan is still held
in a maximum security prison in Veracruz state–currently one of the most
dangerous places in Mexico.  molly

Read WP article here

Mexican officials may help jailed truck driver- FOX News

Go to the link to see video of the press conference in El Paso yesterday.
Jabin Bogan’s mother, Aletha Smith, went to the bridge to take photos of
where the incident started and was stopped by Customs officials on the US
side and made to delete the photos she had taken with her camera. She did
not even try to cross into Mexico.  According to earlier reports, the
driver of the truck did not even have a US passport. Anyone intending to
drive to Mexico would certainly know that a US passport is required to get
back into the US…  molly