Robert Andrew Powell, CBC interview on Salvation and Soccer in C. Juarez…

The Love is Not for Cowards: Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juarez

by Robert Andrew Powell

Soccer has a reputation for bringing hope to places where hope is hard
to come by.

One of those is Cuidad Juarez, a city that competes with places like
Mogadishu for the title of world’s deadliest spot.

It’s hard to get an exact count, but by all reasonable estimates, over
two thousand people were killed in Juarez last year. This year, there
have already been over three hundred killings. The majority of these
murders have been victims of the region’s drug cartels, a great many
of them innocent civilians.

To read more and listen to the audio, visit CBC Radio

NY Times- Team of Hope, Gone in City of Violence



This Love is Not for Cowards–Reviewed in The Economist….

OK—I admit to gladly promoting the works of FRONTERA-LISTEROS who write
books and make movies… Robert Andrew Powell’s book about the Indios
soccer team is just out and it is getting very-well-deserved attention… I
will note though, that these reviewers criticize every book for not doing
everything… It is a bit of a stretch that a writer who is telling us the
story of the soccer team in the most violent city in the world must also
solve or elucidate the myriad social, criminal, economic, historic problems
of Mexico that contribute to the human rights catastrophe that is Juarez…

“The complexity of Juárez’s problems means that the anecdotal style of the
book sometimes feels thin. In one excellent chapter Mr Powell makes a
convincing case that the infamous murders of women in Juárez have been
exaggerated by an excitable media. But elsewhere he repeats popular
theories (about the alleged corruption of politicians, or the supposed
failure of Mexico’s free-trade deal with America) without really probing
them. Near the end he mentions that the Indios themselves might be a giant
money-laundering operation. This important claim deserves more than the few
pages’ attention it receives, 21 chapters into the book.”

I’d recommend two other books that tell wonderful, human and personal
stories in the midst of cataclysmic world events–Powell’s book reminds me
of these excellent books chronicling human triumph in the midst of
disaster… READ THEM ALL and start with THIS LOVE IS NOT FOR COWARDS.

The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad

Fools Rush In: A True Story of Love, War and Redemption

The Economist- Football and Murder in Mexico