US Embassy Documents Confirm Televisa-Peña Nieto Deal in Mexico–Narco News Bulletin

Narco News broke the story last night that US Embassy cables released by
Wikileaks confirm the allegations of manipulation of Mexican political
races by Televisa and other media… Although this political tactic is
being portrayed in international media as some new scandal, it has been a
part of Mexican politics and media for a long time…Note this quote from
one of the cables: “Journalists and their bosses have been more or less
free to engage in the time-honoured Mexican electoral tradition of selling
favourable print and broadcast coverage to candidates and parties>

Go to the Narco News link to get links to the original cables.  The
Guardian version of the story is also posted below… molly



Paul Babeu, Immigration Hawk Sheriff, Outed by Alleged Mexican Gay Lover

Also see the stories in the Phoenix New Times from a couple of days
ago that apparently forced the sheriff’s admissions in today’s press

Paul Babeu, Immigration Hawk Sheriff, Outed by Alleged Mexican Gay Lover

Known only as “Jose,” a Mexican immigrant has outed a famous Arizona immigration-hawk sheriff, CPAC speaker, and congressional candidate who rose to conservative stardom after a cameo appearance in John McCain’s famous “Dang Fence” campaign ad. In an explosive story published in the Phoenix New Times, Jose claims that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s lawyer threatened him with deportation if he spilled the beans about their alleged love affair.

Following the report, Babeu hastily called a press conference on Saturday during which he announced, “I’m gay.” He admitted having a “personal relationship” with Jose but said “at no time” did he or anyone who worked for him threaten Jose with deportation.

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