6 (or 8) killed yesterday in Juarez; heads and body parts dumped in Juarez; detail on murders of state prosecutor and her son on Saturday

El Diario reports 6 killed yesterday in Juarez. But, according to the reports in the paper and the press notices from the Fiscalia, I believe the actual count for May 14 is 8. One man died in the hospital after being wounded on Sunday. Another man was found inside a house, apparently beaten and left to die. Also, the dramatic event yesterday was the finding of 2
heads and 4 hands left outside of the Bar “Bandoleros” in Juarez. The article early Monday said that Sunday was a “dia blanco” no murders recorded in the city.  I am in the process of counting the numbers for the month of May and I will
post that later today.
Also posted, the case of the state prosecutor and her son murdered in their home on Saturday. The mother who worked for the Fiscalia had intervened after her son killed an off-duty federal policeman in a bar fight in 2010.  She had the murder charge downgraded to “simple homicide” result of bar fight rather than aggravated… so her son got sentence of 4 years and served 13 months. The commentators in the article say this is normal and OK–that is what defense attorneys are supposed to do–except for the little complication in this case that the mother worked for the prosecutor and not
in the capacity of defense attorney. After getting out of jail, the son tried to join the state police academy, but alas, he was rejected cause of his criminal record.  molly


EP Times report on police killings; 5 more homicides yesterday in Juarez

The El Paso Times article below has a lot of detail on the killings of
the police officers Wednesday night in Juarez. Note the description of
the crime scene and the lack of protection of the scene; artifacts
left lying around; no security at the site of this mass murder.

Yesterday, March 29, there were 5 more murders in Juarez, including a
multiple homicide where three men were killed. The incident was
witnessed by numerous kids playing on the street at the time.

This would bring the monthly total for March to about 90. Saturday is
the last day of March, so hopefully Diario will post a real tally for
the month on Sunday.

Five Juarez Officers slain may have been set up

Presencian niños triple asesinato en Riberas


approximately 85 people killed so far in March….police victims identified…

My best guess for the total number of homicides so far in March is about
85. This number surpasses the total for February which was 82. January’s
death toll was 122, so the 2012 total is now about 289 or an average of 3.2
murders each day. Diario has reported the identities of the 5 municipal
police victims; two are women. The article also notes that since the
officers were not on duty when they were murdered, they will not be given
official honors, but that the city will assist the families to pay for the




I think this story has already been surpassed by even more violent
incidents in Monterrey and Nuevo Leon.  Below is the story of the police
chief killed this weekend in San Pedro. If the number of 324 for this year
so far in Nuevo Leon is true, then the killing there might actually surpass

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