38 homicide victims in Juarez in August; 625 so far in 2012

El Diario reports today that August sets a record for the lowest number of murders in the past 5 years. There were 34 homicides and 4 bodies were found in hidden graves with no indication of exactly when they were killed.  Though Diario says the total is 34, I will post 38, since the 4 hidden bodies won’t be counted otherwise.  The article quotes authorities being very optimistic and Juarez is now seeing fewer murders than in US cities–specifically New Orleans and Chicago. This is no small accomplishment. Especially since New Orleans is a much smaller city–pop about 400,000.  The article says that these cities often suffer 50+ homicides in a month. That has certainly been true recently in Chicago. Chicago has a population of nearly 3 million people–more than double Juarez. In Chicago this year, more than 300 people have been murdered and the city is projected to surpass last year’s total of 504.  So far this year there have been 128 murders in New Orleans.

Though the Diario article does not give the annual toll so far for Juarez, my numbers show a total of about 625. If the average stays at about 1 murder per day for the rest of the year, Juarez will end 2012 with less than 1000 victims. As a reminder, in 2007, there were a total of about 320 killed. And since 2008, a total of 10,710 people have been murdered in the city.  molly
January 122
February 82
March 105
April 107
May 74
June 49
July 48
August 38


Todos Somos Juarez spokesman says fewer people killed in Juarez than in New Orleans…fact check??

In the Diario article, quoting Arturo Valenzuela:
Dijo que las cosas en esta frontera ha mejorado dramáticamente al grado de presentar cifras de incidencia delictiva por debajo de Nueva Orleáns, donde hubo un registro mensual de 50 muertos.
He said that in this border city the rate of crime has dramatically improved that the crime numbers are now below those of New Orleans where there was a monthly tally of 50 deaths…
I checked the current crime stats from New Orleans that indicates there have been 109 murders so far this year–that is current as of today, July 21.  It is likely the highest murder rate in a US city.  New Orleans only has about 350,000 people.  That would be a murder rate of about 31 per 100,000. 
But the Diario article goes on to say that there have been 19 murders in Juarez so far in July, and that would not count at least 2 killed on Thursday, one yesterday and one today (Saturday).  By my tally, there were 540 murders in Juarez as of June 30, so now we can say there are at least 560+.  That would calculate to a murder rate of 46 based on a Juarez population of 1.2 million. 
At the link, you can check the numbers of murders in New Orleans for the year. 
I have been collecting the stories on Juarez murders, though I’ve not posted them. It looks like between one and two people per day have been victims of homicide in Juarez so far in July. Certainly an improvement over recent years.  But the annual tally so far just past mid-year is nearly twice what it was in 2007.