Juarez deaths May 15-16

Yesterday, May 16, a woman who worked as a waitress in a bar was taken out
of the place by a man who argued with her and then shot her at least 11
times. She is the 2nd female victim in May and the 57th woman to be
murdered this year, according to El Diario.  On Tuesday, May 15, two people
were killed, including a 15 yr old boy. By my tally, there have now been about 48 people murdered in May; 464 in 2012; and 10,546 in the city of Juarez since January 2008.  molly



Death of 12 year old boy wounded Sunday

For what it is worth, I just checked the Fiscalia protocols that
arrive in my email box every day, several times a day.  I notice that
a 12 yr old boy died yesterday at the IMSS hospital and that this
death is not mentioned in the Diario article. I did notive that when
the initial report of the shooting in Galeana was in the paper
yesterday, it mentioned 2 minors injured.  The report this morning
only mentions one.

The 12 yr old is Antonio Aarón Serrano González. The protocol says he
was brought to the clinic yesterday and today he died. That would
bring the total dead yesterday to 6, or perhaps this death will be
counted for today, April 23.  I searched for Aaron’s name in El
Diario, but it did not come up.  The article says that the adult
killed in this shooting was Pedro Perez and that he was from the US.

Here is the text of the Protocolo:

1.             Delito: Homicidio.

2.             Víctima: Antonio Aarón Serrano González, de 12 años de

3.             Lugar de los hechos: Calles Zihuatanejo y Coatepin, en
la Colonia Galeana.

4.             Lugar del hallazgo: Clínica 35 del IMSS.

5.             Fecha del hallazgo: 22 de Abril de 2012.

6.             Fecha y hora del reporte a la Policía  Investigadora:
22 de Abril de 2012, a las 19:12 horas.

7.             Quien generó el reporte a la Policía Investigadora:
Radio Operador de la Policía Estatal Investigadora.

8.             Probable arma utilizada: Arma de fuego.

9.             Objetos asegurados: tres casquillos percutidos, calibre
7.62×39 mm.

10.         Unidad a cargo de la investigación: Unidad Especializada
en Investigación de Delitos Contra la Vida.


Se reportó a la Unidad Especializada en Investigación de Delitos
Contra la Vida, el fallecimiento de una persona de sexo masculino que
ingresó lesionada al parecer en circunstancias violentas a la Clínica
35 del IMSS.

El cadáver de quien en vida respondiera al nombre de Antonio Aarón
Serrano González se encontraba en posición de decúbito dorsal (boca
arriba) sobre una camilla propia de hospital, y se le apreciaron como
huellas de violencia, heridas producidas por proyectiles de arma de
fuego en pierna derecha y región lumbar.

Durante el mismo evento dos personas más de sexo masculino resultaron
lesionadas, mismas que se encuentran en diversos nosocomios de la
localidad recibiendo atención médica.

Los Peritos en Criminalística de Campo localizaron en el lugar de los
hechos, tres casquillos percutidos de calibre 7.62×39 milímetros,
mismos que fueron fijados, embalados y enviados previa cadena de
custodia al Laboratorio de Balística Forense.

El cuerpo fue trasladado a las instalaciones del Servicio Médico
Forense, donde especialistas realizarán la necrocirugía de ley a fin
de establecer la causa real del fallecimiento.

Here is the Diario story on the death of the 12 yr old boy injured in the
shooting in Colonia Galeana on Sunday. The boy was wounded inside of his
house according to the report…


15 yr old girl shot outside of her house

Yesterday, Friday, at least 3 people were killed in Juarez. But near
midnight, in another attack a young girl, 15, was shot in front of her
house in Senderos de San Isidro in the southeast region of the city.
Another girl with her was also seriously wounded in the attack.

The 2 girls were talking in front of the house after 11 pm, standing on the
sidewalk when a vehicle came by with several people on board. According to
witnesses, no one got out of the vehicle but they began to shoot from
inside the car. The father of the dead girl cried out “JUSTICIA!” and said
that the municipal police who arrived at the scene only cordoned it off and
then stood around instead of trying to find the people who had murdered his

“There is my daughter lying dead and they just fuck around…go an look for
the murderers…Mr. President! look and see what your agents are doing!
There is my daughter lying there…” screamed the man.

At least three of his neighbors had to restrain him as he was trying to
embrace the body of the girl…

This afternoon, another murder was reported of a 16 yr old boy in colonia
Villa Residencial del Real. He was killed with a knife early in the morning
and his body left in the street.

Rafaguean a quinceañera afuera de su casa

The note below was sent by Jose Rivera who knows the history of the gangs
in El Paso and Juarez because he lived through it. Now he is living through
tornadoes in the midwestern US…far from the border…But I asked his
permission to post his response to the story of the 15 yr old girl murdered
friday night in front of her home in Juarez… Below, a further note on the
murder in El Diario.  The killer is said to be a 14 yr old boy, a friend of
the victims… The article says that dozens of young kids in these
neighborhoods on the southeast of Juarez are making a living by stripping
abandoned houses of things that can be sold.  And that 40 percent of the
kids do not have jobs and do not go to school…molly