New Border Strategy—Daily Beast

Since all of the migration numbers are down, it seems that the point of the
border patrol’s new strategy is about how to maintain its budget after the
huge post-911 buildup. There are areas of the border now where very little
illegal crossing is taking place. If Border Patrol becomes officially part
of the national security apparatus, then it becomes easier to grow the
budget. I got an email from a well-informed friend: “right now they (the
border patrol) are in the position of the US military after the collapse of
the Soviet Union and before 9/11, a period when the generals and admirals
tried to get into the drug war business.” That recent story about the drug
war buildup in Honduras offers a clue… The fact is that the
anti-immigrant forces on the ground and their political allies (Brewer,
Dever, Babeu, Arpaio and many more in other places around the country) have
drummed up a lot of fear and loathing and yet most of the violence on the
US side of the border has come from the fringe anti-immigrant forces. Note
the multiple murderers J.T. Ready and Shawna Forde. Also consider the high
death toll of immigrants in border patrol chases that end up in highway
rollovers and other terrible accidents. And at least 2 recent cases of
Mexicans killed in fatal attacks by border patrol agents:

Jan Brewer, other Arizona Officials weigh wider impact of New Border Strategy

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Dead Mexican teen’s family to pursue suit against Border Patrol agent

Five killed in Juárez on February 4-5

Five people were killed on Saturday and Sunday this weekend in Juarez.
The homicides included a man and woman, apparently tortured. the
bodies appeared with heads wrapped in plastic and tape and one was
displayed with messages scrawled on the body.
This brings the total for Feb 1-5 to 15 and for the year so far, about
137 murder victims. Added to the number of dead in Juarez since 2008,
the total homicide victims is now about 10,222.  molly molloy

To recap the previous numbers:
2008 — 1623
2009 — 2754
2010 — 3622
2011 — 2086
TOTAL = 10,085

El Diario de Juárez, 4 de febrero de 2012:
Tiran cadáver con huellas de tortura; tres homicidios ayer

El Diario de Juárez, 5 de febrero de 2012:
Tiran a mujer torturada; ayer, dos homicidios