74 people killed so far in April; 383 in 2012

Diario finally gives a tally for the month of April…As of April 22
(Sunday) there were 71 murders in Juarez.  Three more people were killed
yesterday, including another woman shot in a 1997 Saturn outside of a small
store in Colonia Granjero… I’m also not sure that the death of the 12 yr
old boy injured in the Sunday shooting has been counted. So far in April,
at least 74 people have been victims of homicide; 16 of them were women.
Interestingly, my own tally was only 62. So, as I’ve found often during my
attempts to keep track of the deaths in Juarez, the number finally reported
is usually more than what I’ve been able to count.  If I add this new tally
to the other numbers, we have about 383 for 2012 and since 2008, the total
is now 10,468.  molly