Murder Capital opens in Irvine, CA Friday…

With the critical 2012 Mexican Presidential election on Sunday, the
controversial documentary, “Murder Capital of the World” will open this
Friday at the Edwards Univ.Town Center in Irvine, CA for a minimum one-week
run. The website is

The 85 minute documentary previews this election as well as addressing the
drug war, which has been a major part of each candidates campaign.

Charlie Minn


Murder Capital of the World opens in NY and LA this Friday, April 20th

Posting from documentary director Charlie Minn for those in New York and
Los Angeles who would like to see his new film:


“Murder Capital of the World” opens at the AMC in Times Square and Edwards
South Gate in Los Angeles on Friday, April 20th.
The 83 minute documentary will play for at least a week at both locations.

The film, starring Charles Bowden, Molly Molloy, Howard Campbell and others
in the border region, examines the major events from Juarez, MX. in 2011.

A preview of the 2012 Presidential election in Mexico is also examined.

Visit the website

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Filmmaker Charlie Minn to show cartel movie, Murder Capital, in Odessa

The movie is still showing in El Paso and Las Cruces at least through
this weekend…

Juarez may be four hours away from Odessa, but a New York filmmaker is bringing his second film about the Mexican city to highlight the violence that continues to plague the area.

Charlie Minn, director of “8 Murders a Day,” will bring his new film, “Murder Capital of the World” to Hollywood Theaters, 4101 E. 42nd St., starting Friday.

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