*Diario reports a total of 105 homicides in March. Added to the tallies for
January (122)** and February (82), there have been 309 murders so far this
year in the city–an average of 3.4 people killed per day.  This month
there were 16 female homicide victims, including 2 policewomen in the past
week, a woman murdered by her boyfriend in a motel on March 30 and another
women found dead inside a house that was intentionally burned.  In all, 9
police officers were killed in March. On March 29, there were 5
murders–including a triple homicide of 3 young men in a public park; on
March 30 I think there were 3 killings and on March 31 a total of 5–4 men
killed in Ampliacion Aeropuerto late in the afternoon yesterday and at
least one other murder.  Below is a review of the yearly totals since 2008:*

*2008 = 1,623; 2009 = 2,754; 2010 = 3622; 2011= 2,086; 2012 (Jan-March) =
309, for a total of 10,394 since January 2008. *

***Diario says 118, but I’m going to stick with my earlier tally of 122. *


approximately 85 people killed so far in March….police victims identified…

My best guess for the total number of homicides so far in March is about
85. This number surpasses the total for February which was 82. January’s
death toll was 122, so the 2012 total is now about 289 or an average of 3.2
murders each day. Diario has reported the identities of the 5 municipal
police victims; two are women. The article also notes that since the
officers were not on duty when they were murdered, they will not be given
official honors, but that the city will assist the families to pay for the