More than Words: Photojournalist captures the violence in Mexico via El Nuevo Sol

Julian Cardona/ Photo by Karla Henry for El Nuevo Sol

Mexican photojournalist Julian Cardona presented his photographs illustrating the violence in Mexico and the economic turmoil its citizens face during his visit to California State University, Northridge on Tuesday, April 11.

Sharing photographs from his books including Exodus/Exodo and Juarez: The Laboratory of our Future, Cardona noted the ramifications of North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA), an agreement among the US, Mexico and Canada, and the risks migrants face when crossing the border.

“First thing I realized was that in the city there were external forces and transnational forces that were playing a role in the everyday life,” said Cardona.

As a photographer for El Diario de Juarez, he witnessed first hand the effects of foreign markets in Mexico, noting the privatization of the public enterprise and market de-regularization.

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Molly Molloy presents talk on ‘El Sicario’ at NM library conference…LCSunNews

you just can’t shut those librarians up….

Molly Molloy presents talk on ‘El Sicario’ at NM library conference

LAS CRUCES — It wasn’t your typical story hour Friday, as New Mexico State University research librarian Molly Molloy told the story, and answered questions, about the book she co-wrote with Charles Bowden.

Many of the librarians from across New Mexico who attended Molloy’s presentation, during the New Mexico Library Association annual conference, at the Las Cruces Convention Center, sat on the edge of their seats as she spoke about “El Sicario,” the autobiography of a repentant Mexican contract killer, who before turning his life to Christ, worked both sides of the drug war in Mexico, particularly in Juárez. Molloy talked about the former commandante of the Chihuahuan state police who also led a double life as a hitman who kidnapped, tortured and murdered people at the behest of Mexican drug cartels.

All who attended Molloy’s presentation listened intently.

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Robert Andrew Powell, CBC interview on Salvation and Soccer in C. Juarez…

The Love is Not for Cowards: Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juarez

by Robert Andrew Powell

Soccer has a reputation for bringing hope to places where hope is hard
to come by.

One of those is Cuidad Juarez, a city that competes with places like
Mogadishu for the title of world’s deadliest spot.

It’s hard to get an exact count, but by all reasonable estimates, over
two thousand people were killed in Juarez last year. This year, there
have already been over three hundred killings. The majority of these
murders have been victims of the region’s drug cartels, a great many
of them innocent civilians.

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NY Times- Team of Hope, Gone in City of Violence