“La viuda negra” –woman arrested in Spain alleged to have paid for the murder of General Jorge Juarez Loera

General Jorge Juarez Loera was the first commander of the Joint Chihuahua Operation in 2008 who famously made this statement to Chihuahua media: ….as General Jorge Juárez Loera, the first Commander of the Joint Chihuahua Operation, stated in early April 2008, “… I would like to see reporters change their articles and instead of writing about one more murder victim, they should say, ‘one less criminal.’”

He was murdered a few weeks after his retirement in May 2011 near Mexico City. Yesterday, a woman was arrested in Spain, accused of paying a hitman $150,000 PESOS (that is not much more than $11,000 dollars) for the murder… Two articles from the Mexican press below.

El Diario Ciudad Juárez, Chih. ¤ 2008-04-02 ¤ Página 5 ¤ Sección A
‘Ejecutados son un delincuente menos’
Paga $150 mil por muerte de general

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