Karla Castaneda now in the US seeking asylum..

Karla Jocabeth Castaneda is now in the United States. She fled Juarez last week with her other 4 children and on February 13, she crossed the border at San Isidro, CA.  Karla is an activist for many years–demanding that the state of Chihuahua do more to locate her missing daughter, Cinthia who disappeared in 2008 at age 13.
The article says that she was granted political asylum in the US, but (from what I know of other cases) she and her children were paroled into the US on humanitarian grounds because she established that she had a credible fear of persecution based on documents, photographs and other information she brought with her showing that the government (police and other officials) were persecuting her because of her activism.
She will have the opportunity to seek permanent asylum and will be able to remain in the US indefinitely.