9 people killed yesterday in Juarez; 5 are municipal police murdered while off duty

Nine people in all were killed in Juarez yesterday, March 28. Five were
municipal police off duty at a party in a private home. Though the officers
have not yet been identified in El Diario, from the description of a
witness at the scene, it seems that at least 2 or 3 of the victims were
police women. Three other police were seriously injured in the attack.
Earlier in the evening, two brothers, both employed by the municipal water
department, were shot inside their home, apparently while they were eating
supper. Two other people were killed earlier in the day, including a woman
shot and killed at a public park.

On Tuesday, March 27, 4 people were murdered, including 3 men in one
multiple homicide incident.  

I have not tallied the deaths for every day in March—though Diario has
reported several days without homicides, including Monday March 26. The
lastest tally in the news was on March 18 when it was reported that 57
people had been killed so far that month.  I believe the total is now about
80. I will attempt a tally sometime later today.  I assume there will be
more details on the police shooting forthcoming.  Source articles posted
below. molly

5 killed yesterday in Juarez; total of 43 so far in March; 242 for the year

Here’s an attempt to summarize the last few days in terms of the violence
in Juarez.  According to these articles, as of Sunday, a total of 38 people
had been victims of homicide in the month of March. Monday there were 5
murders, so by the best count I have is 43 in March and a total of 242
people killed so far this year–or an average of 3.3 people per day.  That
is less than the daily averages in 2008-2011, however, the death toll as of
March 12 is higher than it was at this time in 2008. Seven of the March
victims are female, including the 10 yr old girl stabbed to death in her
home on March 3. ALSO, posted below is a statement by Fiscal Jorge Gonzalez
Nicolas, more or less saying that yes, the beheadings, killings of police,
and other recent “high impact” crimes, are attempts by one of the rival
forces to show their enemies and society in general that they are still
here and still fighting. But they really aren’t–they are just carrying out
these killings to make people think they are… Well, that is not exactly
what it says, but read the original and the google translation and decide
for yourself. molly

Murders per day:

2007 – 0.86

2008 – 4.4

2009 – 7.5

2010 – 9.9

2011 – 5.7

For the Google translation, click here
Here are a few more attempts below to explain the brutality of recent
killings in Juarez…as someone who looks at the news stories almost every
day, there is really no anomaly to try to explain.  What is an anomaly are
the boasting pronouncements of politicians and policy analysts about how
everything is getting better.  We should recall that in mid-2008, several
politicians including the governor of Chihuahua and the mayor of Juarez
made statements to the press saying that the conflict was over and that
tranquility and normalcy would return.  Instead, the violence continued to
grow to unforeseen levels. The killings are down in number this year so
far. But, they are still higher than they were at the beginning of 2008
when no one could imagine what was to come next.  The only way to look at
the current killings as a great improvement is to consider the horrifying
statistics of 2010. But the killings in Juarez so far this year are more
than triple what they were in 2007 and every year before that. molly*

3 killed yesterday in Juarez; 16 in March and 220 for the year

Yesterday, a shootout around 10:00pm killed 3 people and wounded 2 others.
Two of the dead were women. So far today, 4 people are dead in reported
killings in Juarez. Not counting today’s incidents, the total from March 1-6 is now 16. Since January 1 2012, there have been about 220 homicides in Juarez. Since 2008, the homicide toll is now about 13,305—the average is still about 6.8 people per day victims of homicide in Ciudad Juarez.



El Diario

Acribillan a guardia de seguridad en la Aguirre Laredo

Acribillan a 5; mueren tres

Juarez Deaths March 2-4 2012

The following are the murders reported in Juarez since March 2-4.  No
homicides were reported on Friday March 2–another period of more than 24
hours without killings. But, on Saturday March 3, there were 5 murders–a
woman was found dead on the Zaragoza bridge early in the morning. A 64 yr
old woman in a beauty supply shop was shot more than 43 times. And an 11 yr
old girl was sexually assaulted and murdered in her home.  A man was killed
and his body hung from an overpass in southeast Juarez and another man was
shot. On Sunday March 4, there were 2 killings reported. A total of 12 so
far in the first 4 days of March.  My best guess for the year is now 216;
and the cumulative death toll since 2008 is 10,301.

*MARCH 4 2012*


El Diario

‘Levantan’ a uno de su vivienda y lo asesinan metros más adelante


*MARCH 3, 2012*



*MARCH 2, 2012*

*No homicides…*



Juarez transformed? Or violence displaced to other areas?

List member Jim Creechan sent me his comment and the article below yesterday. He also posted his comment on the THE CRIME REPORT website.

Posted by James Creechan
Thursday, March 01, 2012 01:31

There is another reason that the crime rate dropped in Ciudad Juarez. Basically, Juarez was a contested plaza for at least 3 cartel factions that relied on shifting alliances with street level thugs and killers. One of the cartels has managed to achieve a temporary dominance of the plaza and this led to the withdrawal and displacement of another: it seems as if the Sinaloa cartel has established its dominance, and Los Zetas have moved elsewhere to the east and central corridors (primarily into the States of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas). The “pacification” of Juarez is just as likely (or more likely) the result of a “turf-war” victory by the Sinaloa cartel. The “victory” in the streets has allowed the Sinaloa cartel to reallocate its hitmen (la nueva generacion) to be used on other battlefronts in Mexico (primarily to Acapulco and Guerrero, and probably to Guadalajara). Although COMSTAT may be tracking those dips, it can hardly be seen to have caused the drop. Unfortunately, there is an element of hubris in this article when it makes the claim that strategies used in New York were responsible for the violence drop. The drug violence in Mexico is a national phenomenon, and the turf wars are not limited to one city. The violence has simply moved elsewhere. Those who are interested in knowing what is happening and what is going on are advised to look at the bigger picture more accurately tracked by sites such as Walter McKay’s https://sites.google.com/site/policereform/ For those who read Spanish, NEXOS magazine (Feb. 2012) has an article analyzing the trends and shifts in homicide rates that are much more complete than this report. It’s by Eduardo Guerrero Gutierrez (http://www.nexos.com.mx/?P=leerarticulo&Article=2102543) and even if you don’t read Spanish you can make out the homicide data in his graphs and charts.

Inside Criminal Justice

By Joseph J. Kolb

Followup report on child wounded in police shooting, KHOU 11 and El Diario

An article in El Diario states that Sonia Tapia and her son
have left Juarez. The boy is in a hospital in El Paso and the family
does not plan to return to Juarez, in part due to fear of reprisals.
The article says that many other victims of violence would like to
leave Mexico but are unable to. Sonia Tapia and her son are US

Juarez police officers investigated after shooting at American motherand child


Juárez homicides Feb 7-12

To provide an update on the homicides in February for the past several
days, from looking at the daily stories in El Diario, there have been
a total of about 35 violent deaths as of Sunday February 12. As of
yesterday, about 157 people had been killed so far in 2012, an average
of 3.6 people per day. On Feb 7, there were no murders, but one death
was reported of a man who had been wounded in a shooting and died on
that day. Wed Feb 8, there were 5 homicides; Thurs Feb 9 and Fri Feb
10–there were 3 each day. One of the victims Friday was a young
pregnant woman who was shot to death. On Sat and Sun, Feb 11 and 12,
two people were killed each day. The deaths on Saturday were 2
separate incidents of the victims being run over by vehicles. One man
was intentionally run over by a municipal police car on Avenida Juarez
where he worked as a parking attendant and car washer. Relatives
protested the brutality of the killing at the Fiscalia. As of this
morning, Diario reports that the policeman who killed the man and then
fled the scene has been arrested:

Consignan a policia municipal que atropelló y mató a parquero .

Asesinan a tres ayer en Juárez

Bajan a hombre de auto y lo fusilan; 3 muertos ayer

Matan en Juárez a una embarazada Denuncian que policías arrollaron a parquero de manera intencional

Torturan y atropellan a hombre en Juárez

Asesinan a balazos a dos personas ayer

Human Rights News–Border City Police Under Fire

FNS has a very good summary of recent police brutality
incidents in Juarez. I have been away from the computer for a couple
of days, but Diario reports 3 killed in Juarez on Friday and I believe
there were also at least 3 yesterday. I will report later. The
headline on the front page of Diario this morning:

Atropellan municipales a una persona y tratan de ocultar los hechos

Also, Juarez journalists denounced the public climate of insecurity
and lack of guarantees for carrying out their work due to the
aggressive behavior of the municipal police…

Denuncian periodistas clima de inseguridad y falta de garantías


Boy shot by police Monday in serious condition

The child shot and seriously injured by municipal police on Monday in
Juarez is a US citizen as is his mother, Sonia Tapia Cisneros. The
police say they attempted to stop Tapia’s vehicle, she says that she
kept driving because she feared she was being carjacked. After the
child was shot and wounded, the police detained Tapia, but apparently
drove around for 4 hours before formally charging her with a crime.
According to the article she is still in custody and charged with
attempted murder. She has not been allowed to see her son who has had
multiple surgeries on his arms, abdomen and hip. He will probably be
disabled for life. Sonia Tapia is a school teacher and is the
director of the private Issac Newton school in Juarez. According to
the article, the US Consulate has been called in to help the mother
and son leave the country.

The two police officers involved in the shooting of the child and the
arrest of Ms. Tapia are also under investigation.

So, far, I have not seen anything in the El Paso press about this
case. Molly

Policías balean a su hijo …y todavía la acusan

Balean policías a maestra y a su hijo en Juárez; ambos son ciudadanos de EU