6 people killed yesterday in Juarez; 4 of the victims are women

For the second day in a row, at least 6 people were victims of homicide in
Juarez. Yesterday, 4 women were killed. Two were shot in a drive by
shooting that wounded another person and then bled to death en route to the
hospital. A 17 yr old girl was shot to death while taking care of a baby.
The baby was not physically harmed in the attack. A few hours later,
another woman, possibly a relative of the girl, was shot to death just a
few blocks away in the same colonia–Campestre Virreyes. In addition, two
men were also killed in separate incidents.

man burned inside his home in Juarez was scheduled to testify against federal police kidnappers

*Here is a story from Saturday that I missed.  I did have the initial
report of the man burned inside of his house, but, according to a report in
the EPTimes and also a followup in El Diario, the dead man was the person
who reported abuses, kidnapping and extortion and drug dealing carried out
by federal police in Juarez and who testified against them at the time
(this was in September 2011) had left the city for his safety. He had
returned to testify in a court hearing to be held this week, but was killed
— stabbed and then burned to death inside of his house in the Margaritas
neighborhood — on Friday. The original articles from El Diario and Norte
from September 2011 are also posted below from the INPRO database. The
Diario article includes the unnamed person’s testimony of his kidnapping
and near death at the hands of the federal police officers who are now said
to be in custody. But, it is likely that without this person’s testimony
that was scheduled for this week in court, the serious charges against the
federal police criminals will be dropped and it is likely that they will be
released. That is how the system works.  What will be interesting is if
that DOES NOT happen since at least in this case, there is some followup in
the press and with the human rights office in Juarez.  molly*

Click here for the original posts from El Diario and Norte

15 yr old girl shot outside of her house

Yesterday, Friday, at least 3 people were killed in Juarez. But near
midnight, in another attack a young girl, 15, was shot in front of her
house in Senderos de San Isidro in the southeast region of the city.
Another girl with her was also seriously wounded in the attack.

The 2 girls were talking in front of the house after 11 pm, standing on the
sidewalk when a vehicle came by with several people on board. According to
witnesses, no one got out of the vehicle but they began to shoot from
inside the car. The father of the dead girl cried out “JUSTICIA!” and said
that the municipal police who arrived at the scene only cordoned it off and
then stood around instead of trying to find the people who had murdered his

“There is my daughter lying dead and they just fuck around…go an look for
the murderers…Mr. President! look and see what your agents are doing!
There is my daughter lying there…” screamed the man.

At least three of his neighbors had to restrain him as he was trying to
embrace the body of the girl…

This afternoon, another murder was reported of a 16 yr old boy in colonia
Villa Residencial del Real. He was killed with a knife early in the morning
and his body left in the street.

Rafaguean a quinceañera afuera de su casa

The note below was sent by Jose Rivera who knows the history of the gangs
in El Paso and Juarez because he lived through it. Now he is living through
tornadoes in the midwestern US…far from the border…But I asked his
permission to post his response to the story of the 15 yr old girl murdered
friday night in front of her home in Juarez… Below, a further note on the
murder in El Diario.  The killer is said to be a 14 yr old boy, a friend of
the victims… The article says that dozens of young kids in these
neighborhoods on the southeast of Juarez are making a living by stripping
abandoned houses of things that can be sold.  And that 40 percent of the
kids do not have jobs and do not go to school…molly




Two women are arrested, accused of kidnapping and murdering another woman–El Diario

Two women are arrested, accused of kidnapping and murdering another
Two women were detained and accused of kidnapping and murdering
another who, presumably, together with those arrested, had sold small
amounts of marijuana and engaged in prostitution in the Valle de
The suspects, Carolina Martínez Cardona y María Inés Jaramillo Ochoa,
were arrested under an order issued by a judge.
The homicide of Isabel Sosa Robles, 19, occurred in June 2008. The
body was found in the Ejido Loma Blanca, 2 km from the Juarez-Porvenir
highway and had been shot in the head with hands tied behind her back.
Presumably, the killers intended to make the murder appear as a
homicide linked to organized crime.
Official reports indicated that after one year, Sosa Robles had
decided to leave prostitution and to sell drugs and for this, she was
picked up and killed.

Holy Week in Juarez was the least violent week in the past 4 years…

The number of homicides is down significantly in the first 8 days of April.
So far this month, El Diario reports 13 cases of homicides–an average that
is down to less than 2 murders per day. Several of these days registered no
The cumulative total for 2012 is reported to be 314, though the numbers
reported add up to 317: (January 117; February 82; March 105; April 1-8,
It is certainly difficult to keep the tally.  My own shows 122 for January;
82 for February and 105 for March; 13 for April for a total of 322. The
average number of murders PER DAY for 2012 is down to between 3.3 and 3.1
per day–definitely an improvement over the past years. If the downward
trend continues, it seems likely that 2012 will end with the lowest number
of murders since 2008. It is interesting to note though, that the total for
the first 3 months of 2012 is already nearly equal that of ALL of 2007 when
there were between 307 and 320 murders in the city during that whole year.
My yearly tallies are slightly different than those now reported by El
2008 = 1,623
2009 = 2,754
2010 = 3,622
2011 = 2,086
2012 = 322 (as of April 8)

A total of about 10,407 victims of homicide in Juarez between January 1
2008 and April 8 2012.

Molly Molloy

Vive Juárez una de las semanas menos violentas en últimos 4 años



Mi Fortuna: Extreme Philanthropy on the Streets of Ciudad Juarez — Tides Foundation

The following is a personal dispatch from a site visit tour by the Angelica
Foundation and its program partners in the spring of 2011. Since then, the
violence in Mexico has spread – exploding in some areas while leaving
others untouched. Social movements throughout the country are gathering
strength, but still face daunting adversaries. This account is intended to
mobilize and inform fellow progressive grant-makers. The Angelica
Foundation’s Mexico Border Fund for Human Rights and Drug Policy Reform is
now entering its second year.


Mi Fortuna: Extreme Philanthropy on the Streets of Ciudad Juarez — Tides Foundation



*Diario reports a total of 105 homicides in March. Added to the tallies for
January (122)** and February (82), there have been 309 murders so far this
year in the city–an average of 3.4 people killed per day.  This month
there were 16 female homicide victims, including 2 policewomen in the past
week, a woman murdered by her boyfriend in a motel on March 30 and another
women found dead inside a house that was intentionally burned.  In all, 9
police officers were killed in March. On March 29, there were 5
murders–including a triple homicide of 3 young men in a public park; on
March 30 I think there were 3 killings and on March 31 a total of 5–4 men
killed in Ampliacion Aeropuerto late in the afternoon yesterday and at
least one other murder.  Below is a review of the yearly totals since 2008:*

*2008 = 1,623; 2009 = 2,754; 2010 = 3622; 2011= 2,086; 2012 (Jan-March) =
309, for a total of 10,394 since January 2008. *

***Diario says 118, but I’m going to stick with my earlier tally of 122. *


EP Times report on police killings; 5 more homicides yesterday in Juarez

The El Paso Times article below has a lot of detail on the killings of
the police officers Wednesday night in Juarez. Note the description of
the crime scene and the lack of protection of the scene; artifacts
left lying around; no security at the site of this mass murder.

Yesterday, March 29, there were 5 more murders in Juarez, including a
multiple homicide where three men were killed. The incident was
witnessed by numerous kids playing on the street at the time.

This would bring the monthly total for March to about 90. Saturday is
the last day of March, so hopefully Diario will post a real tally for
the month on Sunday.

Five Juarez Officers slain may have been set up

Presencian niños triple asesinato en Riberas


Juarez still most dangerous city in the world?

*Thanks to Carlos for sending to me and to the list.  I saw the note
yesterday afternoon and looked for an English version of Brownfield’s
statement. It was made (I believe) at a House Judiciary committee hearing
in Congress. Results of a google news search also posted below.  I will
look for the Hearing transcript online when I get a chance.  molly*



1. Ciudad *Juárez*, la urbe más peligrosa del mundo: EU<http://noticias.univision.com/narcotrafico/noticias/article/2012-03-2…>

Univisión – 14 hours ago
MEXICO – Ciudad *Juárez* es la urbe más peligrosa del mundo, declaró *William
Brownfield*, subsecretario de Estado para el narcotráfico internacional
de Estados *…*
International: Alcalde de *Juárez* rechaza que sea la ciudad más violenta<https://www.google.com/url?url=http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/index.p…>
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Terra.com – 14 hours ago
UU., *William Brownfield*, catalogó hoy a la mexicana Ciudad *Juárez* como
la urbe más peligrosa de América y posiblemente del mundo, durante una
audiencia en *…*
3. Irresponsables declaraciones de EUA contra *Juárez*<http://www.frontenet.com/notas/20120329/irresponsables_declaraciones_…>

Frontenet – 14 hours ago
Ciudad *Juárez*.- Luego que fueran publicadas las declaraciones del
Subsecretario de Estado en EU. para el narcotráfico internacional, *William
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4. *Juárez*, la ciudad más peligrosa del mundo: EE.UU.<http://www.yucatan.com.mx/20120329/nota-13/251272-juarez-la-ciudad-ma…>

El Diario de Yucatán – 16 hours ago
Estados Unidos consideró que Ciudad *Juárez* sigue siendo “la ciudad más
peligrosa” *…* *William Brownfield*, consideró que los carteles de la
droga se siguen *…*
5. Afirman que las declaraciones sobre inseguridad afectan a Ciudad *…*<http://www.yucatan.com.mx/20120329/nota-13/251374—–afirman-que-las…>

El Diario de Yucatán – 11 hours ago
CIUDAD *JUÁREZ* (Notimex).— El gobierno municipal indicó que las *…* de
Estado estadunidense para el narcotráfico internacional, *William
6. Ciudad *Juárez* sigue siendo la más peligrosa de México<http://www.e-consulta.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=30564:…>

E- Consulta – 14 hours ago
Para Estados Unidos, Ciudad *Juárez* es el lugar más peligroso de México
y probablemente del mundo. *William Brownfield*, subsecretario de Estado
para el *…*
7. Disminuyen homicidios, aclara EU<http://www.tiempoenlinea.com.mx/revisarnota.php?fecha=’2012-03-30’&se…>

Tiempo en Linea – 34 minutes ago
La embajada de Estados Unidos en México sostuvo que en Ciudad *Juárez*, *
…* *William Brownfield*, quien aseguró que Ciudad *Juárez* sigue
siendo una de las más *…*
8. Las noticias de hoy. Resumen Eduardo Ruiz Healy<http://www.radioformula.com.mx/notas.asp?Idn=234589>

RadioFórmula – 15 minutes ago
El Subsecretario de Estado para el Narcotráfico Internacional de EEUU, *William
Brownfield*, dijo que “Ciudad *Juárez* es la ciudad más peligrosa de
México y de *…*


approximately 85 people killed so far in March….police victims identified…

My best guess for the total number of homicides so far in March is about
85. This number surpasses the total for February which was 82. January’s
death toll was 122, so the 2012 total is now about 289 or an average of 3.2
murders each day. Diario has reported the identities of the 5 municipal
police victims; two are women. The article also notes that since the
officers were not on duty when they were murdered, they will not be given
official honors, but that the city will assist the families to pay for the