former Chihuahua governor Jose Reyes Baeza investigated for links to Juarez Cartel

The federal attorney general is now investigating former governor Reyes Baeza for protecting Juarez Cartel operatives…
This is worth looking at in terms of determining the origins of the explosion of violence in Juarez that began in late 2007… Actually, according to this account, the stage was set several years earlier… A google translation follows.  The article also appears in the newspaper, OMNIA.
Former governor Reyes Baeza responds to allegations of his ties to Juarez cartel published yesterday in Reporte Indigo. The Diario reporter contacted the PGR which says there is no investigation.  However, El Diario had reported on Reyes Baeza’s links to organized crime back in March 2010, based on information received from the PGR. 
One of the more interesting allegations revealed by Julio Porras–the protected witness who served as link between cartel and governor–is that he met Amado Carrillo in 1990 through Army General Acosta Chaparro. This general was assassinated earlier in 2012. 
The arrangement with Reyes Baeza included payment of at least 3 million pesos before his election with the agreement that when elected he would appoint a state police chief chosen by the Juarez cartel. According to Porras’ statement, Reyes Baeza agreed and named Lauro Abelardo Venegas Aguirre as head of the State Investigative Agency. None of this is difficult to believe as such allegations against Reyes Baeza and the state attorney general Patricia Gonzalez were made continuously during their administrations. It is also interesting that the PGR investigation apparently began during the administration of Arturo Chavez Chavez as Attorney General in 2010. Chavez Chavez is from Chihuahua and also was alleged to be on the payroll of the Juarez Cartel.
A google translation of the article is below…  molly
Reyes Baeza denies pact with cartel
Sandra Rodriguez Nieto
The Journal | 07.31.2012 | 00:05
An alleged pact between the Juarez Cartel and former Governor Jose Reyes Baeza, in which the first support the 2004 election campaign and the second to the criminal organization would not only operate but to appoint the head of the State Judicial then, Report was released yesterday by Indigo.
According to the article available in the print edition of the medium with the title “Another governor in sight,” the former president of the PRI connection to drug trafficking was revealed to the Federal Government by the drug trafficker Julio Porras and is part of the preliminary RMP / SIEDO/UEIDCS/313/2010.
Asked yesterday about it, Baeza told the newspaper that published allegations are false and that they said in 2010 against former Attorney General Arturo Chavez Chavez and before the prosecutor Marisela Morales today, then head of the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (OFDI).
The case cited is rooted in a statement that occurred in 2010 of a person who under the protection of a protected witness, said the alleged involvement of various public officials, where I include, in criminal acts allegedly occurred in the year 1998 and 2004, “said Reyes Baeza in a position letter sent to this medium.
“At the time I made clarifications to the Attorney General of the Republic, Mr. Arturo Chavez Chavez, and to the degree Marisela Morales Ibañez, then assistant attorney of the SIEDO, showing that those complaints were not only false but malicious,” the former president and the date member National Executive Committee of the PRI.
Meanwhile, although Indigo Report cites paragraphs and the number of the preliminary investigation, the Attorney General’s Office said yesterday that the research did not exist.
“There is not. SIEDO has no such investigation, “said José Luis Manjarrez The Journal, Chief Information Officer at the PGR headquarters in Mexico City.
The article adds that Indigo Report on the investigation, the protected witness is identified as Ramiro Chavez, but the data provided “presumed” it is the drug trafficker Julio Porras, who worked for the Juarez Cartel and who is imprisoned in USA.
“Between January and February 2004, to be sure that Jose Reyes Baeza seek the governorship by the PRI, we agreed to support him in his bid to the amount of three million pesos, which would bring me,” says the statement of witness, As Reported Indigo. “In return, they asked that when he was governor, left, among other things, appoint the head of the state police, as this would facilitate the operation of their business,” adds the same date.
Report Indigo Publishing is not the first that mentions the former president’s alleged ties to drug trafficking, and specifically with Julio Porras, and the existence of a federal investigation against the former governor.
Since March 2010-year for which the preliminary data-, the former state public safety secretary, Raul Grajeda Dominguez, said in an interview with The Journal that the federal government had opened a case against Reyes Baeza.
On the same occasion, Grajeda also delivered to the medium an unpublished manuscript mentioned that, when Julio Porras was attacked in May 2006, received state protection of both the president and the then Attorney Patricia Gonzalez.
“The operator of the Juarez Cartel, JL, suffering serious injuries were accidental. A point of death, arises as a result, the civil war to take its place. Of the four groups of the cartel, Julio Porras tried to help one of them, ‘Doctor’, and this angered the JL 02 “Grajeda wrote in his text.
“The point is that JL is recovered, and sent them to kill Porras in Chihuahua capital, where he died his escort as he escapes and is saved. Having applied for protection of the attorney, is obtained, with permission of the governor, on the premises of public safety complex in the area of ​​Attorney, “the manuscript.
The information was published on March 3, 2010 in The Journal with the headline “Former police chief accuses Reyes Baeza to protect drug”, which also included an interview with then-president who said he did not know Julio Porras.
Information disseminated by Indigo Report says the pact between the former governor and the Juarez Cartel or the Carrillo Fuentes “would have been accomplished and, once elected, Reyes Baeza respected the request of the seudoempresarios. The chosen one was Lauro Aguirre Abelardo Venegas, who was appointed director of the State Investigation Agency. “
The article also abounds in the history of Porras, who appear in the preliminary inquiry stating that he met Amado Carrillo since 1990 through a court officer was “unconditional” General Arturo Acosta Chaparro, killed on April 20, 2012 .
“From these relations with former judicial bosses and lieutenants, Ramiro Chavez met Vicente Carrillo, who years later gave her links with the state government in turn, Jose Reyes Baeza, whom he met when he was president Chihuahua City, “says Indigo Report article.
“Chavez said Vicente Carrillo Fuentes got to hand over $ 60,000 monthly payroll of the police forces, primarily the controls having the rank of commanders,” the statement said.
Willing to provide information
In the letter sent yesterday to The Journal, Baeza says willing to provide information to any authority that requires it.
“I was always fully prepared to bring proceedings in any federal or state, when required. As someone convinced of the rule of law, the rule of law and respectful of the institutions, I have full confidence in them, so I think this kind of tendentious leaks and notes payable to the investigations bit serious and responsible, “he said.

“I repeat, openly available to any public authority, state or federal, who legitimately require information from me, refusing to advance into the game leading to the biased remarks and notes that staff pursue the prestige and not the search for truth “he said. (Sandra Rodriguez Nieto / The Journal)

Denise Dresser on Guadalajara plaza … POLICE arrested in the rape/robberies near Mexico City..

For those who may have objected to my comments about the ludicrous Google tour of Juarez with the Federal Police, see this translation from Borderland Beat of a Proceso article by Denise Dresser… and also, Several POLICE are among the perpetrators in the rape and robbery attack on the church camp outside of Mexico City. I received a complaint yesterday from a person on the list [I asked permission to post the complaint but got no reply] saying that I was wrong to place all responsibility for the Juarez violence on the federal police…something I did not do. However, since the google piece opens with a breathless description of their fearless and skilled escorts–policia federal–I mentioned the PF in my commentary.  I never said, nor do I believe, that the PF are the only killers…nor do I blame them for anything more than their share of the violence. As I’ve said in numerous postings on the list:

“…though the military sits at the pinnacle of the impunity pyramid in Mexico, it is one of many powerful groups that abduct, torture and kill Mexicans. Drug trafficking gangs kill. Street gangs kill. Municipal, state and federal police kill. And drug cartel operatives often kill from the inside of these security forces. As former Chihuahua governor, Jose Reyes Baeza, declared in March 2008,

“”All of the public security agencies are infiltrated—all of them, pure and simple…” The governor predicted a “return to normalcy” as soon as these agencies could be cleaned up. Five years on, more than 10,000 people in the city of Juárez alone are dead and so far this year, another 3.4 people are added to the tally each day.”

Note that it is the former Chihuahua governor stating that ALL of the agencies are corrupt…I’ve talked to so many people, both in Juarez and now living in exile in the US who have experienced or been witnesses to corruption and killing by the federal police, the army, the municipal and state police, that I find it the height of gullibility to assume that the federal police are the good guys–as the piece about the Google visit does. I think that the Google execs were probably invited to Juarez by powerful people who think it will give them some cachet… The Juarez press did not cover the Google visit hat happened two months ago, but Diario de El Paso did have an article about the Washington Post piece on their front page today: Surgió en Juárez sistema de denuncia vs narco de Google