“Presumed Guilty” in Juarez

The film PRESUMED GUILTY tells a true story of how the Mexican justice system actually works. The title expresses it clearly.
Here’s a new “presumed guilty…”  this time from Ciudad Juarez.  A high-profile murder of a municipal bureaucrat from the water and sanitation agency was murdered in May at his place of work.  Last week, police arrested an 18 yr old man who earlier had testified to political candidates about the need for peace in the city… Now, this young man is accused of murder. His supporters have testified in the judicial proceedings and have demonstrated for several days in front of the JMAS agency that employed the murder victim.  It is a hopeful sign that the news media are covering this story.  So far it seems that witnesses testifying say that the young man arrested bears no resemblance to the person seen at the scene of the crime….  stories posted below….  molly