Molly Molloy Interview With Action on Armed Violence

Here’s an interview I had some months ago with Iain Overton from the Action on Armed Violence [(AOAV), which has a central mission: to carry out research, advocacy and field work in order to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.  For more on the organization click here. -Molly

In focus: Molly Molloy, Border and Latin America Specialist at New Mexico State University

By AOAV on 19 May 2014

AOAV: [Would] you say that small arms and guns have been a constant backdrop to your view of Latin American politics and immigration?

Molly Molloy: I believe that, in terms of the numbers of guns in Mexico now, many of them have kind of an origin in the United States, but not a recent origin.  They come from the United States, going back 25 years to the Nicaraguan Contra war and to the military campaigns in El Salvador and Guatemala – mostly funded by the US. And I really believe that a lot of the guns that are on the black market these days that turn up in the hands of criminal organizations  all over the hemisphere, and certainly in El Salvador and in Mexico nowadays, are remnants of that period.  In other words, they’re guns that were shipped into these places legitimately and then got into the hands of criminal groups through military deserters and these illicit groups of fighters like the group of Guatemalan soldiers that supposedly became the Zetas…

Clues Put FBI Informant at the Apex of Fast and Furious Scandal…Narco News…and more news on F&F from EPTimes…

A story from today’s El Paso Times linking Fast & Furious
weapons with the torture and murder in November 2010 of Chihuahua attorney
Mario Gonzalez, brother of the former Attorney General of Chihuahua… I’m
trying to figure out what is new in this EPTimes story that makes it news.
The connection between the Fast & Furious guns and the murder of Mario
Gonzalez was reported in major US media back in June 2011 at the time of
the original hearings on F&F in the US congress.

Clues put FBI Informant at the Apex of Fast and Furious Scandal