6 people killed yesterday in Juarez; 4 of the victims are women

For the second day in a row, at least 6 people were victims of homicide in
Juarez. Yesterday, 4 women were killed. Two were shot in a drive by
shooting that wounded another person and then bled to death en route to the
hospital. A 17 yr old girl was shot to death while taking care of a baby.
The baby was not physically harmed in the attack. A few hours later,
another woman, possibly a relative of the girl, was shot to death just a
few blocks away in the same colonia–Campestre Virreyes. In addition, two
men were also killed in separate incidents.

The Feminicide Debate

Thanks to Alice Driver (frontera-listera) for sending this new article. I
would like to include my own commentary here since I’m quoted in the
article. It may have been true that in the case of the 400+ women killed
between 1993 and 2007, that most of their deaths had to do with their
gender…but as with most murder (and other crime) in Mexico, we really
don’t know because few of the cases are investigated. Of those cases, about
3/4 were determined to be some form of domestic violence and so there is
probably some kind of gender motive behind the killing, but contrary to the
quote from Sergio Gonzalez in the article, there is more to any
relationship than gender and even many domestic disputes that end in
violence against women also involve other motivations. In the same years,
more than 3,500 men were killed…  Since 2008, the percentage of the
victims who are women has averaged between 5 and 12 percent from year to
year. The overall average from 1993-present is about 8.7 percent of the
dead being women.**  And in terms of “being killed because they are women,”
that is not an adequate explanation.

I also think there is evidence that the emphasis on the 8-10 percent of the
victims of violence who are women does distort the reality of the violence.
As a librarian I search academic databases all the time. The other day, I
searched for articles on “violence and poverty and juarez” –this search
yielded very few studies. A search on just the terms “violence and Juarez”
yields several hundred articles and almost all of them are about violence
against women.

The majority of the female victims since 2008 have been killed in the same
circumstances as the men–shot down in the street, in cars, in their
homes–and many women appear to have been killed because of some
involvement in other criminal activity, mainly extortion and drug
dealing…not (in the words of Sergio Gonzalez in the article below) “… for
being women, and they are victims of  masculine violence because they are
women…”   Just a few days ago a case that was reported of two women
accused of kidnapping and murdering another woman. The victim was
apparently killed for taking over some of their retail drug-selling
business. Here is that link:

 Arrestan a dos mujeres acusadas de secuestrar y asesinar a otra

Las acusan de plagiar y asesinar a mujer

**Murders of Women in Juarez 1993-March 2012

1993-2007………………427 (3,538) – 12%

2008 ……………………….87   (1,623) – 5.3%

2009……………………….164 (2,754)—5.9%

2010 ………………………304 (3,622) – 8.3%

2011 …………………….. 196  (2,086) – 9.3%

2012 (as of March 31) ……….38  (309) – 12%

*Women………**…1,216 **( 13,932 total **victims)* – 8.7%

Women = 8.7 percent of total murder victims over the past 18 years

The Feminicide Debate