8 killed Saturday; 99 in April; 408 for the year

*At least 8 people were murdered in Juarez on Saturday. In one incident, 9
young people were shot and at least 4 of them died. The reports said that 5
more were gravely injured but I’ve not seen another report on the number of
dead. A policeman was shot together with several members of his family. If
he was the target he apparently survived, but his brother-in-law died.  I
believe there were just 2 killed yesterday (Sunday) though I’ve not seen a
summary article. My updated tally is 99 for the month of April (as of April
29); 408 for the year 2012 and since 2008, about 10,493.  The average
murders per day in 2012 is about 3.4. Going back to 2008, at least 6.6
people per day have been victims of homicide, just in the city of Juarez.



82 killed in February in Juarez; lowest in 34 months; 204 for year; 10,289 since 2008

FEBRUARY ended with official count of 82 homicides. Lowest in 34 months. The article mentions the remains of 12 people found in graves in the Valle de Juarez, but it is unclear to me if these dead are included in the 82 homicides for February. I do not believe they are counted. Most of the stories said that these were all women’s bodies and that the article states that the number of women killed in February is 10.

This article says the number killed in January was 118, but I had recorded 122 from my tally. Adding the 82 for Feb, the total for 2012 is now 204. The average number of people per day killed for this year is 3.4.

This is my unofficial tally for the homicide deaths in Juarez since 2008:

2008 = 1,623

2009 = 2,754

2010 = 3,622

2011 = 2,086

2012 = 204 (as of February 29) – a total of 10,289 victims of homicide

According to El Diario, 5 people were murdered on March 1. The dead included a municipal policeman and a woman and her 13 yr old son son shot to death inside their home. Another boy was injured in the attack, but survived. Neighbors said they heard gunfire around 1:00 in the morning, but the bodies were not discovered until after 4 pm in the afternoon. Another man was shot to death and another found dead in the trunk of a car. That story is also posted below.

Desde hace 34 meses no había tan pocos asesinatos

Ejecutan a municipal; creen que rompió acuartelamiento

remains of 51 women found in Valle de Juarez…investigations in limbo at the Juarez morgue

It is now the last day of February and today in El Diario, the number
of unidentified bodies of women found in the Valle de Juarez is
reported to be 51. I was shocked to see this number since the last
number reported from the recent excavations was 15. At first I thought
it was a mistake, but, the 51 includes the unidentified remains that
have been kept at the Juarez morgue for years, I think going back to
about 1995. But many more remains have been found over the past
several months in excavations in the Valle de Juarez but the reports
are only now being made known to the public.

Another story from Diario says that the team of Argentine forensic
specialists left Juarez without submitting reports on their results
and so the investigations are backlogged and confused and the DNA
testing must be repeated… I read the story quickly, but I do not see
any note of when the Argentines are said to have left. I DO remember a
story from many years ago that the team left in disgust at the
conditions in the Juarez police at the time. I am not sure, but it is
possible that the new Chihuahua state officials are trying to defect
attention from their incompetence by pushing the blame onto the
foreign experts called in years ago. I will see if I can find the
story that I believe was in the Washington Post many years ago.

The body of 15 yr old Jessica Leticia Peña García was buried
yesterday. An account from the funeral is posted below from the

There is also a new story on the Valle de Juarez, accurately titled
THE DEADLIEST PLACE IN MEXICO by Melissa del Bosque at this link:


Martes 28 de Febrero de 2012
Hay 51 osamentas de mujeres sin identificar; continúan rastreos en elValle de JuárezHay más osamentas halladas en el Valle de Juárez: Fiscalía
Se fueron expertos argentinos sin reportar investigaciones
Woman buries teenage daughter’s remains in Juárez

Bodies tossed on the road in Morelos–La Familia?

At least 6 dismembered bodies were thrown onto the Cuernavaca-Cuautla
highway in the state of Morelos this morning. The article also says
there were 4 bodies and that they were accompanied by a “narco
message” signed by the Familia Michoacana, based in Cuautla. The
bodies were found at about 7 this morning, just as the governor of
Morelos was delivering his Fifth Government Report (like a State of
the State message).

Note that the Familia Michoacana is the group that has been declared
defeated for at least half a year in all the reports from Stratfor and
US and Mexican government agencies. molly

Arrojan a 6 descuartizados en la carretera Cuernavaca-Cuautla
Excélsior | 15-02-2012 | 08:16

Juárez homicides Feb 7-12

To provide an update on the homicides in February for the past several
days, from looking at the daily stories in El Diario, there have been
a total of about 35 violent deaths as of Sunday February 12. As of
yesterday, about 157 people had been killed so far in 2012, an average
of 3.6 people per day. On Feb 7, there were no murders, but one death
was reported of a man who had been wounded in a shooting and died on
that day. Wed Feb 8, there were 5 homicides; Thurs Feb 9 and Fri Feb
10–there were 3 each day. One of the victims Friday was a young
pregnant woman who was shot to death. On Sat and Sun, Feb 11 and 12,
two people were killed each day. The deaths on Saturday were 2
separate incidents of the victims being run over by vehicles. One man
was intentionally run over by a municipal police car on Avenida Juarez
where he worked as a parking attendant and car washer. Relatives
protested the brutality of the killing at the Fiscalia. As of this
morning, Diario reports that the policeman who killed the man and then
fled the scene has been arrested:

Consignan a policia municipal que atropelló y mató a parquero .

Asesinan a tres ayer en Juárez

Bajan a hombre de auto y lo fusilan; 3 muertos ayer

Matan en Juárez a una embarazada Denuncian que policías arrollaron a parquero de manera intencional

Torturan y atropellan a hombre en Juárez

Asesinan a balazos a dos personas ayer

Human Rights News–Border City Police Under Fire

FNS has a very good summary of recent police brutality
incidents in Juarez. I have been away from the computer for a couple
of days, but Diario reports 3 killed in Juarez on Friday and I believe
there were also at least 3 yesterday. I will report later. The
headline on the front page of Diario this morning:

Atropellan municipales a una persona y tratan de ocultar los hechos

Also, Juarez journalists denounced the public climate of insecurity
and lack of guarantees for carrying out their work due to the
aggressive behavior of the municipal police…

Denuncian periodistas clima de inseguridad y falta de garantías


Five killed in Juárez on February 4-5

Five people were killed on Saturday and Sunday this weekend in Juarez.
The homicides included a man and woman, apparently tortured. the
bodies appeared with heads wrapped in plastic and tape and one was
displayed with messages scrawled on the body.
This brings the total for Feb 1-5 to 15 and for the year so far, about
137 murder victims. Added to the number of dead in Juarez since 2008,
the total homicide victims is now about 10,222.  molly molloy

To recap the previous numbers:
2008 — 1623
2009 — 2754
2010 — 3622
2011 — 2086
TOTAL = 10,085

El Diario de Juárez, 4 de febrero de 2012:
Tiran cadáver con huellas de tortura; tres homicidios ayer

El Diario de Juárez, 5 de febrero de 2012:
Tiran a mujer torturada; ayer, dos homicidios