yesterday, April 10, no homicides reported in Juarez

Yesterday, April 10, was the 5th day this month and the 11th so far this
year with no homicides reported in the city.  One police officer died from
a gunshot yesterday and his death is being investigated, but it is
suspected to be a suicide. The total of 16 homicides so far in April
stands; a total of 325 for the year 2012.  It is worth remembering that in
2007, there were a total of 320 homicides for the year.   molly


3 people killed yesterday in Juarez; 16 so far in April

Three people were killed yesterday in El Paso, two in a multiple shooting
that injured another person.  Earlier in the day, the naked body of a man,
his hands bound and head wrapped in tape, was found inside an abandoned
building. This brings the total for the month of April to about 16.   molly


Holy Week in Juarez was the least violent week in the past 4 years…

The number of homicides is down significantly in the first 8 days of April.
So far this month, El Diario reports 13 cases of homicides–an average that
is down to less than 2 murders per day. Several of these days registered no
The cumulative total for 2012 is reported to be 314, though the numbers
reported add up to 317: (January 117; February 82; March 105; April 1-8,
It is certainly difficult to keep the tally.  My own shows 122 for January;
82 for February and 105 for March; 13 for April for a total of 322. The
average number of murders PER DAY for 2012 is down to between 3.3 and 3.1
per day–definitely an improvement over the past years. If the downward
trend continues, it seems likely that 2012 will end with the lowest number
of murders since 2008. It is interesting to note though, that the total for
the first 3 months of 2012 is already nearly equal that of ALL of 2007 when
there were between 307 and 320 murders in the city during that whole year.
My yearly tallies are slightly different than those now reported by El
2008 = 1,623
2009 = 2,754
2010 = 3,622
2011 = 2,086
2012 = 322 (as of April 8)

A total of about 10,407 victims of homicide in Juarez between January 1
2008 and April 8 2012.

Molly Molloy

Vive Juárez una de las semanas menos violentas en últimos 4 años



April murders; unidentified, unclaimed bodies buried

I’ve gotten accustomed to the lack of summaries of the murders published
daily in the newspaper.  I believe that at least 2 people were killed on
April 1 and so far today, I think there have been 3.  I will try to
summarize tomorrow. This note from today is indicative of the situation:
today personnel of the Juarez morgue buried the remains of 9 people who
died violently in February and March and who were not identified or claimed
by family. In addition to these people, 4 fetuses that were found in the
installations of Semefo were also buried. During 2011, 123 bodies were
buried in common graves.