Suggested Readings


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Bowden, C. Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future, New York: Aperture, 1998.

Bowden, C. Down by the River: Drugs, Money, Murder and Family, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2002.

Bowden, C. Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields, New York: Nation Books, 2010.

Bowden, C. (words) and Alice Leora Briggs (drawings), Dreamland: the Way Out of Juárez, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2010.

Campbell, H. Drug War Zone: Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of El Paso and Juárez, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2009.

Gibler, J. To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from inside the Drug War, San Francisco: City Lights Books, 2011.

Grillo, I. El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal InsurgencyNew York: Bloomsbury Press, 2011.

Molloy, M & Bowden, C (eds.), El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin, New York: Nation Books, 2011.

Powell, R.A. This Love is Not for Cowards: Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juarez, New York: Bloomsbury USA, 2012.

Poppa, T. Drug Lord: The Life and Death of a Mexican Kingpin, A True Story, El Paso: Cinco Puntos Press, 2010.

Saviano, R. Gomorrah, New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2007.


Statesman analysis shows that statistics don’t back up claims of rampant drug cartel-related crime along border

Border drug war: Is it really out of control?

Security News: A Positive Spin on Mexico Violence

The War on Drugs: How Juarez became the deadliest city

“We Bring Fear” A reporter flees the biggest cartel of all- the Mexican Army

The Deadliest Place in Mexico

Scare Tactics on the Border

Special Report: Federal Forces sully Mexico’s war on drugs

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