Mexico murder numbers increase in first half of 2016

By Molly Molloy

Two excellent articles posted below from VICE on the rising murder rates in Mexico. The Interior ministry (SEGOB) has released mid-year crime statistics. See:

Here is also a summary of the homicide statistics from 2007:


YEAR #Homicides Rate=#/100,000
2007* 8,867 8
2008 14,006 13
2009 19,803 18
2010 25,757 23
2011 27,213 24
2012 25,967 22
2013 23,063 19
2014 19,669 16
2015** 18,650 15
2016**(jan-june) 10,301

A TOTAL of 1,828 intentional homicides (homicidios dolosos) in June 2016;

10,301 so far, Jan-June 2016. This averaged to 57 homicides per day in the first half of 2016.

An average of 56 homicides PER DAY from January 2007-June 2016

If we add approximately 25,000 people missing and/or disappeared as reported by the Mexican government***, then the number of people killed or disappeared since 2007 is at least: 218,296.

*Homicide totals 2007-2014 from INEGI:

**Homicide totals 2015-2016 from SESNSP:


Homicides decreased slightly during the first three years of Enrique Peña Nieto’s sexenio, but have increased significantly in the first half of 2016. The average # of homicides PER DAY still stands at about 56—the number for all 6 years of Calderon’s term.

Sexenio Homicides INEGI Homicides per day
Salinas 1989-1994 93,493* 43
Zedillo 1995-2000 80,311 36
Fox 2001-2006 60,162 27
Calderón 2007-2012 121,683 56

*INEGI homicide data for 1990-1994 plus SINAIS (Sistema Nacional de Informacion de Salud) for 1989.

After years of decline, Mexico’s murder rate is heading back to peak drug war levels

Five families massacred in two weeks as Mexico’s murder rate surges

Caro Quintero desde la clandestinidad: “Yo no maté a Enrique Camarena” PROCESO

By Molly Molloy

PROCESO magazine has just published an interview, from a secret hiding place, with Rafael Caro Quintero. There is an excerpt of video online and it will be released in full on Monday, according to the website… The article is by Anabel Hernandez… I’ve not read the whole interview (20+ pages) but Hernandez asks Caro to respond to the recent media reports from several army and police sources and by the Chihuahua attorney general, that he plans to take over the Ciudad Juarez plaza…. Here’s a quick translation:

Hernandez: Are you at war with the Sinaloa Cartel?

Caro Quintero: In the first place I don’t have problems with any cartel. I do not know the Beltran Leyva family and I have no problems with them. Nor with the Guzman family. If they have a problem, it is their problem. I respect the Beltrans and I respect the Guzman family also. I respect both families. I don’t know what was the motive for me to be mentioned in this way. I have no problem of this kind and more importantly, I have no reason to be involved in a war. I am struggling to resolve my own problems…Imagine, I was in prison for 29 years. Do you think I’m interested in more problems?

–¿Usted tiene una guerra contra el Cártel de Sinaloa?

–En primer lugar yo no tengo problemas con ningún cártel. No conozco a la familia Beltrán Leyva y no tengo ningún problema con ellos. Y con la familia Guzmán tampoco. Si ellos traen algún problema es de ellos, mis respetos tanto a los Beltrán como a la familia Guzmán, mis respetos para ambas familias, y no sé cuál fue el motivo, por qué me sacaron a mí ahí. Yo no estoy relacionado con ningún problema de esta índole y menos estoy involucrado en una guerra. Si ando batallando para arreglar mi problema… Imagínese, con casi 29 años que estuve preso, ¿tendría ganas de más problemas?

There is much more to the interview, including Caro Quintero’s assertion that he had nothing to do with the murder of Enrique Camarena… A selection of the article is at this link:

Caro Quintero desde la clandestinidad: “Yo no maté a Enrique Camarena

frontera-list Homicides in Mexico data from SESNSP Jan-May 2016

By Molly Molloy

Mexico’s SESNSP (Secretariado Ejecutivo de Seguridad Publica) has released national and state homicide statistics for May 2016. See:
And the pdf with detailed statistics on many different crimes:
Also below is a good summary of the statistics on violent crome so far this year from Animal Politico–the major trend is that homicides are on the rise GENERALLY across the country, not just isolated in particular states or regions.

There were 1,746 homicidios dolosos (intentional homicides) nationally in Mexico during May 2016–an increase of 212 over the number of murders in April, continuing a general upward trend for every month this year (except for a small decrease between Mar & Apr).
Jan 1441
Feb 1479
Mar 1543
April 1534
May 1746


YEAR #Homicides Rate=#/100,000
2007* 8,867 8
2008 14,006 13
2009 19,803 18
2010 25,757 23
2011 27,213 24
2012 25,967 22
2013 23,063 19
2014 19,669 16
2015** 18,650 15
2016**(jan-may) 7,743

An average of 55 homicides PER DAY from January 2007-May 2016

If we add approximately 25,000 people missing and/or disappeared as reported by the Mexican government***, then the number of people killed or disappeared since 2007 is at least: 215,738.

*Homicide totals 2007-2014 from INEGI:

**Homicide totals 2015-2016 from SESNSP:




3 killed in Salvarcar; other violence in Juarez since Friday

Molly Molloy

Several violent incidents resulting in homicides in Juarez this weekend. On Saturday, three people were shot to death in the patio of a house in the Colonia Salvarcar. It appears that the target of a group of armed men was a 35 year old man named Crispin Lopez who was said to be a drug pusher. He had recently been deported from the US. The other victims were Francisco and Guadalupe Chavez Miranda, aged 72 and 79. The house was reported to have operated as a "picadero" (a place where small amounts of drugs were sold and used by people in the neighborhood.

On Friday, the owner of a tire repair shop was shot to death while accompanied by his 2 daughters in the colonia Misiones del Real. A 7-yr-old girl was shot in the stomach and brought to the hospital while the other child escaped. Witnesses said the shooters appeared to be two young men, no older than 18.

Also on Friday, a decomposed body was found in the trunk of a car that had been impounded in a municipal lot.

The articles from El Diario are posted below… molly

Ejecutan a tres en Salvárcar


El Diario | Domingo 10 Abril 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

Staff/El Diario | Dos de los cuerpos quedaron en el patio de la vivienda

Ejecutan a hombre acompañado de 2 niñas; una está lesionada


El Diario | Viernes 08 Abril 2016 | 20:56 hrs

Hallan ‘encajuelado’ en un corralón municipal


El Diario | Viernes 08 Abril 2016 | 14:50 hrs

Being A Journalist In Veracruz, Mexico, Is A Very Dangerous Profession…NPR

By Molly Molloy

Finally, clear, unequivocal mainstream reporting that the STATE POLICE in Mexico abduct and kill journalists in Veracruz. Audio at the link…

Being A Journalist In Veracruz, Mexico, Is A Very Dangerous Profession

April 4, 20165:04 AM ET

Drug traffickers and a repressive state government make Veracruz one of the deadliest places for journalists in Mexico. Most now shun hard-hitting reporting, but still risk abduction and murder.

Mexico tortures migrants – and citizens – in effort to slow Central American surge…GUARDIAN

By Molly Molloy. NOTE from the article: The scale of US financial support for Mexican immigration control is opaque. At least $100m has been spent or pledged for training, new equipment and canine teams, according to Congressional Research Service. There are no human rights conditions attached to this aid. Department of Defence aid is separate and unknown.The INM said it has “never received a peso” from the US.

Mexico tortures migrants – and citizens – in effort to slow Central American surge

31 homicides in March; 5 killed in multiple homicide and explosion on April 1; 97 murders in 2016

Molly Molloy

During the month of March there were 28 homicides in the city of Juarez, 4 more murders in the towns of the Valle de Juarez and three bodies were found in clandestine graves–one in the city and 2 in the Valle. The article mentions that all of the murder victims in the city were men. In the article published in El Diario yesterday, the spokesman for the Fiscalia says these numbers are not yet finalized and he denied that there has been an increase in homicides in the city. He attributed the majority of the killings to "settling accounts" [ajustes] between organized crime groups. Also, that most of the killings can be attributed to "narcomenudeo" — the retail drug business in the city. Note: this is the usual official language used to present all of the murder victims as criminals and thus, of no importance.

No sooner had this summary article (posted below) at midnight on April 1, that a house exploded in the neighborhood of Arecas in the southeast area of Juarez. Inside the house were the bodies of 5 murder victims–3 women and 2 men ranging in age from 20 to 50. The victims hands and feet were bound and they were killed by knife blows to the neck and then the house was apparently blown up to destroy the evidence of the killings. As of the news in this morning’s paper, none of the victims have been identified. Anonymous neighbors said that the house had been rented by two men who went by the nicknames "El Cubano" and "El Guerito".

This multiple homicide broke a string of 4 days without a murder in the city.

Adding together the tallies for the city and the towns of the Valle, I have these figures so far for the year:

January — 37

February — 23 + 15 bodies found

March — 31 (28 in the city + 4 in the Valle) + 3 bodies found

April — 6 (the 5 bodies in Las Arecas + one other homicide on April 1.

A total of 97 homicides + 18 bodies found.

Cimbran masacre y explosión en Las Arecas


El Diario | Sábado 02 Abril 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

Cierra marzo con 28 homicidios


El Diario | Viernes 01 Abril 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

Mexican military acquits killers / information shutdown on Tlatlaya massacre…Guardian

By Molly Molloy

See also this report from EL PAIS:

La justicia militar libra de cargos a los militares acusados de la masacre de Tlatlaya

La justicia castrense absuelve a seis de los siete elementos implicados y condena a un año al séptimo, tiempo que ya ha cumplido. La justicia civil acusa del homicidio de ocho personas a tres soldados

Mexican soldiers charged with killing 22 people acquitted, rights group reveals

Decision not to convict six of seven soldiers in 2014 murder at Tlatlaya grain warehouse symbolizes country’s lack of military accountability, group said

Police Arrested in Disappearance of 3 Youths in Papantla, Veracruz…Proceso

Molly Molloy

Thanks to Jonas for this translation and summary of:Noé Zavaleta, “Consignan a 7 policías de Papantla por desaparición de 3 jóvenes” Proceso, 03/28/2016​ ​

Police Arrested in Disappearance of 3 Youths in Papantla, Veracruz

summary/translation by Jonas Hamilton (jamesjonashamilton):


On the morning of Monday 03/28/2016 agents of the District Attorney for the State of Veracruz arrested the Municipal Police chief (Secretario de Seguridad Publica) and six officers from the Municipality of Papantla. The detained officers were linked by eye-witness accounts, interviews and forensic evidence to the 03/19 abduction of three youths from Papantla. The incident is only the latest in a series of forced disappearances involving Municipal Police in other municipalities in Veracruz: e.g. 6 youths in the Puerto de Veracruz in December of 2013, 19-55 people in Actopan, Atoyac and Córdoba in 2013,[2] and 5 youths in Tierra Blanca (01/11/16), who were later found to have been handed over to members of the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, by whom they were ostensibly killed and incinerated,[3] The official narrative of the Tierra Blanca incident is strikingly similar to the “verdad historica” of the 43 missing normalistas from Ayotzinapa.

W​ant to read more, join Frontera List group​

Project Shadowfire…Nationwide ICE operation

By Molly Molloy

So, in browsing the El Diario headlines this morning, I saw this:

Detienen a 80 pandilleros trasnacionales en área de EP

Alberto Ponce de León
El Diario de El Paso | Lunes 28 Marzo 2016 | 12:32 hrs

A brief google search turned up nothing in the El Paso Times, but I did find this (VERY SELF-LAUDTORY) press release from ICE: (full text posted below) and also several national stories that essentially just quote the government press release…. Note these astonishing statistics…

More than 130 people were accused of immigration violations, and about 80 were arrested because of open warrants.

Agents seized 150 firearms and more than $70,000 in American currency, officials said.

U.S. Anti-Gang Sweep Yields Over 1,100 Arrests




ICE arrests more than 1,100 in operation targeting gangs

More than 40,000 arrested since inception of Operation Community Shield in 2005