Border Patrol Helped Smuggle Weapons To El Chapo…Caro Quintero Amparo Denied…El Universal

Today on the front page of El Universal, the declaration of a protected witness in the federal (PGR) case against El Chapo Guzman says that the US Border Patrol escorted trucks of weapons to the border, abandoned the vehicles and assisted members of the Sinaloa Cartel who then took the guns into Mexico. The declarations come from documents in the case as the witness, Javier Sandoval Interial, was assassinated in Mexico City in 2012. The details are pretty clear below in a google translation

Also, it is reported today in El Universal that a judge has denied the “amparo” against extradition for Caro Quintero. That story is also posted below.

Patrulla Fronteriza Apoyó A “El Chapo” (El Universal)

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Niegan Amparo Al Narcotraficante Caro Quintero (El Universal)

Peace Pact In Juarez…Cleanup To Come…Proceso 1960

Two reports by Jesus Esquivel from PROCESO #1960… An anonymous source in Juarez says that La Linea is still in control (or back in control) in Juarez and that professional sicarios are operating in the city to clean up the malandros–the young wannabes (los malandros que se sentían narcos)… So that the people being killed now are only those that need to be killed…  and that the city will be a good place for the good people of Juarez again… as in the days before the Calderon project turned Juarez into the most violent city in the world…  The police in Juarez, especially the municipal police, will be cooperating more than ever with this new/old regime to make sure that life gets better in Juarez and also ensure that the real  big time drug crossing business functions properly–generating more money and less violence…

The Sinaloa Cartel people have withdrawn from Juarez and the new objective (is this new?) is to get the business done as it should be done.  The real shipments to the US will continue to cross in big cargo trucks, not carried over by little guys… All those little guys trying to do business on their own (hormigas carrying loads in private cars or on foot) will be cleaned up if they haven’t been already…

DEA tells Proceso that Juarez is again (was it ever not?) a major crossing point for drugs, including more meth, though the city is less violent… -Molly

En Juárez, Paz Pactada…Pero Viene Una “Limpia” (Proceso)

See Borderland Beat’s translation of the story below.

Juarez Is Peaceful…But There’s A Clean Up Coming (Borderland Beat)

Menos Violencia, Más Anfetaminas (Proceso)

See the Frontera List post for a Google translation of the articles.


The Hunt For El Chapo: How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured…New Yorker

The Hunt For El Chapo: How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured

By Patrick Radden Keefe

One afternoon last December, an assassin on board a K.L.M. flight from Mexico City arrived at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. This was not a business trip: the killer, who was thirty-three, liked to travel, and often documented his journeys around Europe on Instagram. He wore designer clothes and a heavy silver ring in the shape of a grimacing skull.

Click here for the full article.

Trapping El Chapo: Chicago’s public enemy number one …Chicago Reader

Trapping El Chapo: Chicago’s public enemy number one

What the case against Vicente Zambada, son of Sinaloa cartel leader El Mayo, reveals about the federal government’s efforts to take down overseas drug suppliers—including the biggest of them all.

By: Jason McGahan

On February 22, the Mexican navy arrested Sinaloa cartel leader El Chapo Guzman, who surrendered without firing a shot.

For Latin American drug kingpins, there are few fates as terrible as extradition to the United States.

“They can’t bribe their way out, they can’t build their own jails, they can’t have their girlfriends come in,” says Jack Riley, chief of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Chicago. “And they’re 1,800 miles away from what they know as life.”

Read the rest of the story here.

He helped capture EU in ‘El Chapo’ ; now his family faces deportation…El Diario de El Paso

A doctor who treated members of the Sinaloa cartel injured in the state of Chihuahua crossed the border to provide crucial information to US federal authorities that led to the capture of “El Mayito” (Mario Núñez Meza) and also to the capture of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera. He was promised protection and reward money for himself and his family, but his wife is now in deportation proceedings and he is also in danger of being deported. If returned to Mexico, they would be in danger because of his work as an informant in the US. Article from El Diario de El Paso.  A google translation is also posted below

He helped capture EU in ‘El Chapo’ ; now his family faces deportation

Luis Chaparro

The Journal | 23:00

A man who was a key witness for the capture of Mario Nuñez Meza , alias “El Mayito ” or ” M-10 ” and Joaquin “El Chapo ” Guzman Loera, now faces deportation to his wife and says that no give more information to U.S. federal authorities , he will be the next to be expelled from the country , along with the other three members of his family, with the risk of being killed in Ciudad Juarez.

According to the evidence shown to The Journal by the informant and corroborated by members of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA ) in charge of his case, ” Alfonso ” – the name acquired as a protected witness the U.S. government – was the one who handed the cell phone using which could be located at “El Chapo ” Guzman in Mazatlan.

” Alfonso ” was until last August attending a doctor at a hospital in Ciudad Juarez to members of the Sinaloa Cartel injured in the state of Chihuahua.

However, he said he decided to do what he thought was right and provide information on the exact location of ” The Mayito ” Guzman Loera course lieutenant , arrested two days after the meeting the informant with U.S. officials .

Now says U.S. authorities have turned their backs and ” Alfonso ” awaiting deportation of his wife, retained in a processing center from Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE acronym ) for seven weeks . If deported , reports ” Alfonso ” , your entire family could be murdered in Ciudad Juárez.

” Alfonso ” maintained relations with several leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel and Juarez who operated in the state of Chihuahua, through their families involved with one of them for 13 years. This relationship gave him direct access to the cell phones, social networking sites and Mario Nuñez Meza and Emma Coronel, the current wife of Joaquin “El Chapo ” Guzman .

Until the end of last August ” Alfonso ” was called to treat the injured Sinaloa Cartel statewide , and even made ​​him the offer to work directly with Hermosillo Guzman writes.

” I began to treat the wounded in a hospital in Juarez and it never died and neither recognized me as a good doctor, why Emma Coronel wanted to take me Hermosillo ” he says.

However, a confession of Núñez Meza in 2013 lit the alerts ” Alfonso ” and he decided to surrender to U.S. authorities , there starting a collaboration with federal agencies in the United States.

” Last July I was asked to be the ‘ M- 10’ to bring a Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez. On the way back he told me that he had come to assemble the ‘ chingazos ‘ again , that was going to be another strong violence because he wanted time to regain control of Ciudad Juárez. This I did not like , I do not want to replace Juarez violent and so I thought it was right to give it , before I started the riot , “says ” Alfonso ” from a location in El Paso, Texas.

It was then called the number of anonymous reporting of the DEA in El Paso to provide information leading to the capture Nuñez Meza . According to his version, supported by documentation in the hands of the Drug Enforcement Administration and stamped on his immigration permit , the first meeting between the agents and ” Alfonso ” occurred on August 18 at the premises of the bridge “Free” around 12 Noon .

” At that meeting people was Interpol , the FBI and the DEA. I told them ‘The Mayito ‘ was in a hotel in Juarez , I gave them the phone he had, because that’s how they find them , the plates of their trucks and everything, “says the protected witness .

Ten days later, on August 28 , Mario Nuñez Meza was arrested by agents of the State Single Police Chihuahua in this hotel located on the Panamericana, ” thanks to a citizen complaint and intelligence work ,” as described by the press release at that time.

That same day around 4 pm ” Alfonso ” along with four members of his family crossed the border under the immigration form I-94 SPBP , delivered to reviewers or ” snitches ” by U.S. authorities .

Delivery of ‘El Chapo ‘

“The officers asked me if I had more information and I said yes , I could give them information on how to find the Chapo ” says ” Alfonso ” .

The doctor says he met Colonel Angelica Ortiz , cousin Emma Coronel, a U.S. citizen married to Guzman Loera .

” She gave me the phone to Emma Coronel, a fixed and a mobile phone, I knew she could find by Chapo and indeed it was ,” says ” Alfonso ” .

The informant showed Diary messages sent to the agent Muñoz cell phone contact with the pair of “El Chapo” . After a phone call to the agent Daniel , case manager , after Muñoz retired a few weeks ago , the version of ” Alfonso ” regarding the information provided was confirmed .

The special agent said not to talk to the reporter , however , be confirmed by agent “Alphonse ” as a protected witness DEA .

According to phone messages and documents submitted in possession of the lawyer ” Alfonso ” , on January 15 the first information to capture “El Chapo” began. 22 of the same month, ” Alfonso ” met with the special agents in charge Saul , Daniel and DEA supervisor John W. Jewett on the premises of the Department of Justice , located on Calle Mesa Hills on the west side El Paso, Texas, to make an official report on the information provided.

Joaquin “El Chapo ” Guzman was captured on 22 February in an apartment complex in the city of Mazatlan , Sinaloa, then the authorities will track the cell phone of the couple who accompanied him up before he was arrested by the Mexican Army , according to U.S. officials who spoke to the Associated Press news agency .

the reward

” Alfonso ” says Special Agent of DEA intelligence “Joe” confirmed the existence of a million dollar reward for information leading to the capture of Guzman. However, note in return gave his wife ‘s arrest by agents of Immigration and that if the judgment did not provide more information about the drug lords ” have no more money, more protection , not more permission to be in the United States. “

” What they did was become a protected informant witness but without pay . The reward is a lie , I never got anything and all I ask is support to get a permit to work here and support my family , “says the man.

But a DEA agent , who asked not to be identified , said in an interview to have delivered more than $ 50,000 in about seven months, ” Alfonso ” by the information provided.

” Yes I have given money to eat , to rent an apartment , but instead of leaving my job in Juarez, risking my family and now we can deport all ; that is not worth $ 50,000 also are to survive five people in the United States , “says the protected witness .

According to the records of the Bureau of Immigration (ICE ) , the wife of ” Alfonso ” was arrested on 26 February and has since been awaiting resolution of his case.

Currently seeking political asylum after he was yesterday the credible fear interview , according to the same unit . ( Luis Chaparro / The Journal)


Sinaloa denies that person arrested is “Son of Chapo”…

OK—I’m not even going to post all the US newspaper and wire stories on
the capture of the son of Chapo Guzman… These are in every paper and
internet site and have been since yesterday afternoon…The interesting
thing is that starting with the Sinaloa newspaper, Riodoce, Mexican media
is questioning whether the person arrested is who the Mexican government
says he is… Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, son of Chapo Guzman.  These
sources (closer to the events for sure) say that the person captured and
paraded in the Mexican government’s press conference and perp walk is
actually: Félix Beltrán León… If you do a google news search on both of
those names, you get a lot of articles from Mexican press and blogs on the
issue… Here I’m passing on comments from another person on the list who
sent me the Riodoce story yesterday:
“The other papers have switched headlines to add “presunto”. The comments in
the report from El Debate are interesting and there are several posts
saying that they know those two guys and then provide their real names (not
related to Chapo).
It does smack of an election ploy by PAN and FCH. Josefina Vázquez was over
the top in her praise of the arrest and she said she wouldn’t rest until El
Chapo was brought down. The timing of the arrest is really suspicious —
there really isn’t enough time to verify or disprove the identity of the 2
guys. In the twisted world of Sinaloa and Northwest Mexico politics, this
could even be a move by El Chapo to discredit PAN (… Something is happening
there on the streets, and the number of supporters for AMLO was actually
very surprising. Something like this happened in the last gob election when
MALOVA came out of nowhere to win. Word was that the capos told people to
vote for MALOVA and throw out the PRI).
Also, the two guys arrested had very little money and no body-guards.
Unusual. They seem like chivos expiriatos and fall guys for something.
The press conference by the Marine vocero also mentioned the “son of Chapo”
thing far too many times. “Methinks the lady does protest too much….” kind
of stuff. ”
Below are several stories that are using the “presunto hijo de Chapo…”
etc. phrase… As far as I can tell, there is nothing at all so far in the
US or other English language press on this… stay tuned…  molly

¿Guzmán Salazar o Beltrán León? Podría no ser hijo del Chapo detenido en Jalisco

Presentan a presunto hijo de El Chapo Guzmán, capturado por la Armada en Jalisco

2 new CRS reports on Mexico

See links below to two new Congressional Research Service Reports (CRS) on
Mexico.  These are generally a good baseline for publicly available,
published information…and the research is fairly objective as noted by
Gordon, who sent me these links.
Word on Frontera List—I’m going to be traveling for the next week to a
conference outside of the US. I may not be able to post things or keep up
on the news. Feel free to post to the list and when I’m able to be online,
I can send your postings.  If you send an article, please also include the
LINK so that readers can go to the source. molly

Mexico’s Drug Trafficking Organizations:
Source and Scope of the Rising Violence

Mexican Migration to the United States:
Policy and Trends


Columbus, New Mexico- On the border: Guns, drugs — and a betrayal of trustvia CNN

A long CNN story on Columbus.  I don’t know exactly what to say since the
very premise seems a bit of a fabrication…that there is big cartel
corruption in the town and that is what is behind the Federal raid and
guilty pleas of town officials in the gun smuggling case… First, the
violence in Palomas did not begin in 2009 when mayor Tanis Garcia was
murdered. Some of the most violent incidents in Palomas occurred in late
2007 and early 2008. As far as the town being  “a lovely town that had
lived off some farm and ranch exports and tourism,” as described by Josiah
Heyman in the CNN piece, people who have been going to Palomas for years
and who venture off the main street, know that it is extremely poor, that
many children there are malnourished and that what little economy there was
from tourism basically stayed with a few businesses in the town.  And there
is an army garrison also just south of the town and for years soldiers have
harassed people in the town, as the incident in 2005 that led to the
threats against reporter Emilio Gutierrez who reported it. In 2004-2006,
the town was a staging area for immigrant smuggling–the outskirts south of
town are littered with abandoned hotels, or abandoned sites where hotel
construction began and then stopped when the immigrant smuggling moved west
to Arizona…At least 40 people were killed in the first few months of 2008
and many of the townspeople fled.  I attended the funeral of Tanis Garcia
in Palomas in October 2009 and there was not a single reporter there from
Las Cruces, Deming, El Paso or Juarez–much less from any more distant
media. And at least 500 townspeople were in attendance.
The politics in the town of Columbus has been dominated by the anglo
minority there for many years and in 2005 or 2006 when Eddie Espinoza was
first elected mayor (beating Martha Skinner I believe) it was seen as
something of a scandal.  I’ve always suspected that there was some element
of payback in terms of the big federal raid over the illegal purchase of
about 200 guns and the attempts to smuggle them into Mexico.  It is always
portrayed in national media as a huge contributor to the violence in Mexico
when in reality, it was a tiny fraction of the guns smuggled into the
country from the US and an even tinier fraction of the guns available to
criminals in Mexico… As far as I know, the Mexican military uses AR-15
rifles, not AK-47s. And many many of the guns used by organized crime
groups in Mexico come from the foreign gun market and from soldiers
deserting the Mexican army.
I also have not heard of any violence done to residents of Columbus or
other communities along the New Mexico border by “agents of cartels”
attacking in groups…(see last line of story).  And, for the record,
Columbus is not really near the NM boot heel region. Picky picky picky…



Two Mexican generals detained for alleged drug gang ties–Reuters; more…

Note this from the Mexican article that is not included in the Reuters
Information from investigations carried out by DEA inside the US revealed
that some Mexican army and marines have been collaborating with the Zetas
and the Gulf, Sinaloa and Juarez cartels. The US officer, who asked that
his name and agency not be revealed because he was not authorized to make
statements to the press, said that the premise had always been maintained
that military officers were innocent until proven guilty and in some cases,
they will be seeking extradition to the United States so that they can
collaborate with justice in the US.
Information from the US anti-drug agency indicates that, after a year and a
half of operations in US territory, arrests have been made that have led to
the capture of members of the Zetas, as well as those of La Familia
Michoacana, and the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels inside US territory.

press release from US Attorney Western District Texas…Indictment of Guzman & other Sinaloa cartel figures…

This is the text of the press release… The pdf of the indictment is
attached…Funny…who would have thought he had not yet been indicted?
Maybe these are new charges?  All’s I know is what I read in the papers…

Sinaloa Guzman+Loera+Joaquin et alindictment

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Attorney’s Office
Western District of Texas

Robert Pitman, U.S. Attorney
On the web:
Daryl Fields, Public Information Officer
(210) 384-7440
April 24, 2012



RICO indictment alleges conspiracy to commit murder, kidnaping, money
laundering and drug distribution
United States Attorney Robert Pitman, DEA Special Agent in Charge Joseph M.
Arabit, FBI
Special Agent in Charge Mark Morgan and ATF Special Agent in Charge Robert
Champion today
announced the indictment of Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo,” Ismael
Zambada Garcia aka
“Mayo,” and 22 other individuals responsible for the operations and
management of the Sinaloa Cartel
(Cartel) charging them with violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt
Organizations (RICO) Act.
The fourteen-count grand jury indictment, returned on April 11, 2012, and
unsealed today, charges
conspiracy to violate the RICO statute; conspiracy to possess more than
five kilograms of cocaine and
over 1000 kilograms of marijuana; conspiracy to import more than five
kilograms of cocaine and 1000
kilograms of marijuana; conspiracy to commit money laundering; conspiracy
to possess firearms in
furtherance of drug trafficking crimes; murder in furtherance of a
continuing criminal enterprise (CCE)
or drug trafficking; engaging in a CCE in furtherance of drug trafficking;
conspiracy to kill in a foreign
country; kidnapping; and violent crimes in aid of racketeering.
The other 22 defendants charged in this indictment include:
German (Last Name Unknown) aka “Paisa,” “German Olivares”;

Mario Nunez-Meza aka “Mayito,” “M-10”;
Amado Nunez-Meza aka “Flaco,” “M-11,” “El Flais”;
Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo aka “Jaguar,” “Tonin,” Catorce,” “14,” “Tono,”
“El Uno”;

Gabino Salas-Valenciano aka “El Ingeniero”;
Sergio Garduno-Escobedo aka “Coma”;

David Sanchez-Hernandez aka “Christian”;

Ivan Sanchez-Hernandez;
Jesus Rodrigo Fierro-Ramirez aka “Huichi,” “Pena”;

Arturo Lozano-Mendez aka “Garza”;

Mario De La O Lopez aka “Flaco”;

Arturo Shows Urquidi aka “Chous”;

Salvador Valdez aka “Robles”;

Daniel Franco Lopez aka “Micha,” “Neon,” “Fer”;

Luis Arellano-Romero aka “Bichi,” Bichy,” “Helio”;

Fernando Arellano-Romero aka “Rayo,” “24,” “Gamma,” “Blue Demon”;

Mario Alberto Iglesias-Villegas aka “Dos,” “El 2,” “Delta,” “Parka,” “Grim
Reaper,” “Daniel Cuellar Anchondo,” “Delfin”;

Adrian Avila-Ramirez aka “Bam Bam,” “Tacuba,” “El 19”;

Valentin Saenz De La Cruz aka “El Valle,” “Lic”;

Emigdio Martinez, Jr. aka “Millo”;

Carlos Flores aka “Buffalo,” “Charly”; and,

Jose (Last Name Unknown) aka “Toca,” “Tocayo,” “Pachi”.

– more – Chapo Guzman indictment release
April 24, 2011
Page 2
According to the indictment, the purpose of the Sinaloa Cartel is to
smuggle large quantities of
marijuana and cocaine, as well as other drugs, into the United States for
distribution.  Laundered
proceeds of drug trafficking activities are returned to Cartel members and
are used in part to purchase
properties related to the daily functioning of the Cartel, including real
estate, firearms, ammunition,
bullet proof vests, radios, telephones, uniforms and vehicles.  In an
effort to maintain control of all
aspects of their operations, the Cartel and it’s associates, including
members of the Gente Nueva (“New
People”) and the Artistas Asesinos (“Murder artists”), kidnap, torture and
murder those who lose or steal
assets belonging to, are disloyal to, or are enemies of the Cartel.  This
includes the Juarez Cartel led by
Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, a competing drug organization, as well as it’s
enforcement arm known as La
Linea and the Barrio Aztecas. Oftentimes, murders committed by the Cartel
involve brutal acts of
violence as well the public display of the victim along with banners
bearing written warnings to those
who would cross the Cartel.
“Murder, kidnapping, money laundering and drug trafficking are the four
corners of this organization’s
foundation,” stated U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman. “For years, their
violence, ruthlessness and complete
disregard for human life and the rule of law have greatly impacted the
citizens of the Republic of
Mexico and the United States. They must be held accountable for their
criminal actions.”
This investigation resulted in the seizure of hundreds of kilograms of
cocaine, and thousands of pounds
of marijuana in cities throughout the United States.  Law enforcement also
took possession of  millions
of dollars in drug proceeds which were destined to be returned to the
Cartel in Mexico. Agents and
officers likewise seized hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds of
ammunition intended to be
smuggled into Mexico to assist the Cartel’s battle to take control of one
of the key drug trafficking
corridors used to bring drugs into the United States.
“This indictment is the result of a complex, long-term investigation by DEA
and our law enforcement
partners in the US and Mexico, targeting the Sinaloa Cartel at its highest
levels. In addition to
violations relating to the trafficking of huge quantities of cocaine and
marijuana, the charges encompass
money laundering, weapons smuggling, kidnappings and murders employed by
the cartel to fund,
expand and protect its far-reaching criminal enterprise.  These charges are
an important step in bringing
to justice those responsible for supplying a large portion of the illegal
drugs flowing into communities in
the United States through the El Paso area, as well as much of the violence
that has ravaged neighboring
Ciudad Juarez,” said Joseph M. Arabit, Special Agent in Charge, Drug
Enforcement Administration-El
Paso Division.
The indictment references two acts of violence allegedly committed by
members of the Cartel.  First, the
indictment alleges that in September 2009, Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo,
Gabino Salas-Valenciano,
Fernando Arellano-Romero and Mario Iglesias-Villegas, under the leadership
of Joaquin Guzman and
Ismael Zambada, conspired to kidnap and murder a Horizon City, Texas,
resident.  Specifically, Jose
Antonio Torres Marrufo ordered the kidnapping of the victim to answer for
the loss of a 670-pound load
of marijuana seized by Border Patrol at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint on
August 5, 2009.  After the
kidnapping, the victim was taken to Juarez where Torres Marrufo
interrogated him and ordered that he
be killed. On September 8, 2009, the victim’s mutilated body was discovered
in Juarez.
– more – Chapo Guzman indictment release
April 24, 2011
Page 3
Second, the indictment alleges that on May 7, 2010, Jose Torres Marrufo,
Fernando Arellano-Romero
and Mario Iglesias-Villegas, under the leadership of Joaquin Guzman and
Ismael Zambada, conspired to
kidnap and murder an American citizen and two members of his family.
Specifically, Torres Marrufo
caused an individual in El Paso to travel to a wedding ceremony in Juarez
to confirm the identity of a
target. The target was the groom, a United States citizen and a resident of
Columbus, NM.  Under
Torres Marrufo’s orders, the groom, his brother and his uncle were all
kidnapped during the wedding
ceremony and subsequently tortured and murdered.  Their bodies were
discovered by Juarez police a
few days later in the bed of an abandoned pickup truck. Additionally, a
fourth person was killed during
the kidnapping at the wedding ceremony.
“This indictment has been years in the making, the focus being to dismantle
the Sinaloa Cartel by
focusing on its upper echelon. The indictment represents the unwavering
commitment and collaboration
among the law enforcement community to bring justice to those who have
inflicted unconscionable
violence on so many citizens on both sides of the border.  We are sending a
clear message that we will
continue our relentless pursuit of drug trafficking organizations
responsible for such wide-spread
devastation within our communities,” stated FBI Special Agent in Charge
Mark Morgan.
“This highly cooperative investigation shows that law enforcement can make
significant inroads into
drug trafficking organizations and that the major players are not immune
from prosecution. This also
relates to the illegal firearm traffickers who support such organizations
and are responsible for the
violence and bloodshed that is occurring,” stated ATF Special Agent in
Charge Robert Champion.
This investigation was conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration,
Federal Bureau of
Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
together with the
Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations,
United States Border Patrol,
Customs and Border Protection, United States Marshals Service, El Paso
Police Department, El Paso
Sheriff’s Office and Texas Department of Public Safety.  United States
Attorney Robert Pitman also
expresses his appreciation to New Mexico United States Attorney Ken
Gonzalez and his attorneys;
Attorney General of Mexico Marisela Morales and her attorneys; and, to law
enforcement authorities in
Mexico for their assistance.
Upon conviction, the defendants face up to life in federal prison. Three of
the 14 counts (7,11,14)–
which involve the kidnapping and murder of a resident of Horizon City and
three members of a wedding
party in Juarez–may result in the imposition of the death penalty upon
It is important to note that an indictment is merely a charge and should
not be considered as
evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty
in a court of law.