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  1. howdy!

    i appreciate the effort you have undertaken to report on the horrors of the drug war in mexico.

    i recently began writing about it when it began to become very obvious that the u.s. government has been arming cartels. i was researching a related aspect of the drug war in colombia when i decided to start writing about mexico instead.

    i have to ask you as someone who has been doing this for much longer than i have – do you get much viewership on your articles related to drug war violence? because i don’t.

    mind you, i am not a professional, and nothing – even the original writing i do on news events – is particularly ground-breaking. still, when i do post an original story about this, it gets very, very few readers.

    i almost feel as if i am endangering myself and others in my life by doing this, and i have to wonder if it is worth the potential risk.

    this is the main story i’ve posted so far:


    if you’re interested.

    best of luck! be careful!

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