10 women murdered each day; 92 total murder victims; January 2019 in Mexico: SESNSP data

An article in yesterday’s EL UNIVERSAL is headlined: Mataron a 10 mujeres al dia durante enero / 10 women killed each day in January    https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/estados/mataron-10-mujeres-al-dia-durante-enero
I checked the newest statistics from the Mexican SESNSP which include the number of homicide victims nationwide and by state for the month of January 2019. These are online here: 
The total number of victims of homicidio doloso (intentional homicide) for January was 2,853. This comes to an average of 92 victims per day. There were 304 female homicide victims, 10 per day, or 10.6 percent of the total homicide victims. 
The SESNSP statistics also record 75 victims of feminicidio. This is (I believe) a subset of the total of 304 female victims in which the prosecutors have determined that the woman was murdered because of her gender. The article in El Universal discusses the confusing nature of this way of classifying victims. The article quotes Maria de la Luz Estrada, coordinator of the National Citizens Observatory of Feminicide: “The authorities often designate many homicides as related to organized crime and those are simply not investigated…thus the numbers (of feminicides) tend to be lower.”
The numbers reported do indicate a slight increase in the percentage of homicide victims who are women, and an overall increase in the number of homicides nationwide in Mexico. 
According to the data for all of 2018 reported here:
there were 33,341 intentional homicides in Mexico during 2018, an average of 91 victims each day. 
The data in this document is not broken down by gender, however SESNSP reports that there were 861 feminicidios in 2018. 
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