Pentagon sending 3,750 extra U.S. forces to border with Mexico…Borders without doctors…

Never a dull moment.  This news came out last night.  I listened to Trump’s interview on CBS NEWS “Face the Nation” yesterday and he blamed Pelosi for careless spending and for somehow fomenting the ruination of the US because of the “invasion” of people across the border… He also spoke again of all the traffickers and women, though I don’t recall any mention of tape… At least for now, the large groups of Central Americans who arrive in southern New Mexico immediately turn themselves in to the Border Patrol, and many are in need of medical care.
See (and listen) below a report on medical care for people crossing in rural areas of New Mexico from Mallory Falk at KRWG.
Also, this excellent report from SEARCHLIGHT NEW MEXICO by Lauren Villagran:
This forces us to ask: how much medical care for residents AND immigrants could be provided in rural areas of the border for the amount of tax-dollars spent on razor wire, wall, and troops? molly molloy


Pentagon sending 3,750 extra U.S. forces to border with Mexico

Gila Regional Medical Center Treats Newly Arrived Migrant Patients


A growing number of asylum seekers are crossing the border in the remote, southwest corner of New Mexico known as the Bootheel. Some need medical attention, and regional hospitals and clinics are tasked with taking on their care.

Borders without doctors

Medical services are hard to come by in the Bootheel, where migrants often arrive in need of care.

ANTELOPE WELLS, N.M. – Half a dozen children gazed up at the camera, their eyes wide beneath hats and hoodies, hands buried in their pockets or nuzzled in the necks of their mothers. Floodlights illuminated some faces and left others in darkness.

It was after midnight in New Mexico’s remote Bootheel region, and with the temperature hovering near freezing, a Border Patrol agent snapped the photo. Nearly 150 miles away, the tiny emergency room of the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City – the nearest 24-hour hospital – was on notice. Some of the children would need medical care for illness, others for injury.

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