Mexico homicides Jan-May 2018; Juarez June homicides

The SESNSP recently updated the numbers on homicide victims in Mexico, January-May 2018. Below is a screenshot of the homicide data reported and a summary of Mexican homicide data from 2007-May 2018, with links to the sources of the data.

Also today, El Diario reported that there have been 161 murders in Juarez so far in the month of June, bringing the total so far this year to about 529, an average of about 3 victims per day. There should be more detail on the victims in a few days.  molly molloy

Juarez 2018
January 76
February 45
March 58
April 65
May 124
as of June 27 161

Mexico Homicides: 2007- May 2018

Compiled by Molly Molloy

The numbers in the table below include official Mexican government homicide statistics from 2007-May 2018, using INEGI figures for 2007-2016, with data from the SESNSP for 2017-May 2018.

The data on the numbers of homicide victims for January-May 2018 show an overall steady increase, with a very slight decrease from March-April. During the first 5 months of 2018, an average of 88 people are murdered each day in Mexico.

Homicides in Mexico, 2007-March 2018

YEAR #Homicides Rate=#/100,000 population
2007* 8,867 8
2008 14,006 13
2009 19,803 18
2010 25,757 23
2011 27,213 24
2012 25,967 22
2013 23,063 19
2014 20,010 17
2015 20,525 17
2016 23,953 20
2017** 29,168 23
TOTAL 2007-2017 238,332  
Jan 2,550  
Feb 2,389  
Mar 2,746  
Apr 2,723  
May 2,890  
SUB-TOTAL 2018 13,298  
CUMULATIVE 2007-May 2018 251,630  


**SESNSP 2017 reports:

***SESNSP 2018 reports:


Acumula junio 161 homicidios violentos

El Diario de Juárez | Jueves 28 Junio 2018 | 00:01:00 hrs

El vocero de la Fiscalía Zona Norte, Alejandro Ruvalcaba informó ayer que hasta las 7:00 de la tarde habían muerto en hechos violentos 161 personas durante junio.

Dijo que a estos incidentes se suman la muerte por arma de fuego de Alfredo Benavides Ramírez, de 26 años, localizado acribillado dentro de un vehículo en la colonia Bellavista la mañana del martes.

Sobre las calles Plomo y Azucenas la policía encontró 9 casquillos percutidos de calibre 9 milímetros que corresponden a esa escena del crimen, dijo.

Germán Osvaldo González García, de 32 años de edad, perdió la vida en un hospital local a donde ingresó después de recibir varios balazos en un incidente el pasado martes, ocurrido en la calle Félix Candela de la colonia Horizontes del Sur, donde los investigadores hallaron 5 casquillos de arma larga calibre .223, según la información oficial.

También anteayer fue asesinado Manuel Rentería Pérez, de 50 años, agredido a tiros en la colonia Lomas de Zaragoza, donde sobre la calle Luciano Serra la policía tomó como evidencia seis casquillos de calibre 9 milímetros.

En el último incidente violento del martes, cuatro personas fueron asesinadas en un solo evento en las calles Manuel Altamirano y Juan José Méndez de la colonia Leyes de Reforma.

El hecho ocurrió antes de la medianoche y hasta ayer sólo fueron identificados Sergio Arturo Jasso Jasso y Daniel Humberto Espinoza Jasso, de 23 y 31 años de edad, respectivamente, como víctimas de estos hechos.




Tornillo “tent city”

A few comments regarding the El Paso area politicians quoted concerning the Tornillo tent city for imprisoning immigrant children. First, Republican congressman Will Hurd: 

“U.S. Rep. Will Hurd, a Republican who represents a large district that includes Tornillo, said he is “disappointed” in the lack of information the government is providing about the “detention situation along the border.” “The crisis along the border is not new and will continue until we have smart border security, work to address root causes of mass migration from Central American countries and have enough immigration judges to apply consequences for violation of the law,” Hurd said in a statement. “Our strategy to solving our broken immigration system should never include the use of children as a deterrent.”

Here is the “smart border security” Hurd is pushing in congress: 

“Last July, Hurd introduced the Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology (SMART) Act, which would direct DHS to deploy technologies for “situational awareness and operational control of the border.” His nine cosponsors include two Democrats. The bill is awaiting a vote, but some of its key ideas found their way into the 2018 federal budget, which provides funds for border-security technology.

“Nobody is disagreeing with the smart wall,” says Hurd, a former CIA agent who is one of the few members of Congress with a computer science degree. The economics are an obvious factor. “A concrete structure 30 feet high that takes four hours to penetrate costs $24.5 million a mile,” he says. “A smart wall, a system like what Anduril is proposing, is about a half a million a mile.”

This high tech project may sound great (and cheap)… Come to think of it, tent cities in the desert are probably pretty cheap also. But consider the political and social roots of this company, Anduril, and its brains:

“The politics of Anduril’s founders may not be popular in liberal Silicon Valley, but they need to please a different audience: members of Congress and government bureaucrats. To win big border contracts, Anduril must beat out other companies peddling visions of an electronic border wall, including an Israeli firm called Elbit Systems, as well as traditional defense giants.   …

“Meanwhile, Luckey’s political activities had made him the object of tech-press scorn. News reports claimed that Luckey was involved in an alt-right group called Nimble America, paying for billboards ripping Hillary Clinton as “Too Big to Jail” and allegedly penning vicious Reddit posts for the group. On his public Facebook page, he denied many of the allegations but confirmed that he donated $10,000 to Nimble America because he “thought the organization had fresh ideas on how to communicate with young voters.” He apologized for “negatively impacting the perception of Oculus and its partners.” When asked about this now, the normally buoyant Luckey drops his smile and chooses his words carefully, claiming that his politics are misunderstood. “The alt-right, as it exists, as it’s defined, I do not support, never have,” he says. He describes himself as “fiscally conservative, pro-freedom, little-Llibertarian, and big-R Republican.”

“Lonsdale and Luckey argue that building cheaper, more efficient systems is a virtuous pursuit, saving taxpayer dollars. Anduril’s Palantir pedigree may have prepared it for criticism. As that company grew to a private valuation of $20 billion, its technology has been portrayed as Big Brother–style surveillance tools. Anduril’s leaders tread lightly on the subject of deadly force—traditionally the purview of defense companies—and have a ready answer when I ask whether the company will ever build systems that kill people.  … “We’re really focused on the intelligence and surveillance piece right now,” Schimpf says. But in the next beat: Not that there’s anything wrong with building weapons. “I wouldn’t say that’s a line we’re drawing.””

And the democratic nominee for the El Paso congressional seat, Veronica Escobar, has been criticized in the press because her husband, Michael Pleters, is a former prosecutor for DHS and is now an immigration judge.  For those not familiar with immigration courts, the DHS attorneys challenge every immigrant’s claim to asylum and other relief from deportation. Immigrants are not entitled to have an attorney to represent them. Most cannot afford representation. Numerous studies have shown that immigrants represented in court may prevail in about 45% of cases, while those without are successful in less than 11% of cases.  There are not nearly enough pro bono attorneys to represent even a tiny percentage of people in immigration court. El Paso immigration judges deny more than 90% of asylum claims they hear…one of the lowest rates in any immigration court jurisdiction in the country. molly molloy


“Veronica Escobar, the Democratic nominee in the race to replace O’Rourke in Congress, said lawmakers need to take action to stop the practice of separating families and therefore lessen the need for temporary shelters in the first place.  “The family separation occurring in our country is a tragedy of historic proportions, and it’s heartbreaking to know it’s occurring in our own backyard,” Escobar, a former county judge, said in a statement. “This policy, cruelty that was created by the Trump administration, is policy that the President can end, and one that Congress must end if he does not.”

“Her husband deports immigrants for the Trump administration. He was appointed in June last year by Jeff Sessions,” Fenenbock said. Pleters was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in June to begin hearing immigration cases in July. Escobar said her husband applied for the position during President Barack Obama’s administration.” 


Trump administration picks Tornillo as tent city site for immigrant children

About 100 El Pasoans participated in the rally outside the El Paso County Courthouse Thursday.Mark Lambie / El Paso Times, El Paso Times

AUSTIN — Nearly a year after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited El Paso and called the border town “ground zero” in the federal government’s war on cartel-related crime, the Trump administration has again zeroed in on the area.

This time the government’s focus is on a quiet town on the outskirts of El Paso County: Tornillo.