85 homicide victims per day in Mexico

The SESNSP has just released new homicide statistics for Mexico covering January-March 2018.  Below is screenshot of the summary information. The full report on homicide victims is available at this link:

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 15.37.07
The SESNSP statistics are provided in several formats and are updated each month at this link:
The national numbers indicate an average of 85 people per day are victims of homicide in Mexico. This is an increase over the totals from late in 2017 and continues the upward trend in violence. If these numbers were to continue through all of this year, more than 30,000 people will be victims of homicide.
The numbers for “Homicidios dolosos” (intentional homicides) are as follows:
Jan           2,549
Feb          2,389
Mar          2,729
TOTAL    7,667
States with the highest numbers of homicides according to this new report covering January-March 2018:
Guanajuato        741
Guerrero            651
Edo. de Mexico  602
Baja California   504
Jalisco               490
Veracruz            434
Chihuahua        433
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