72 homicides in Juarez in September; 536 for the year so far…

There were 72 homicides in the city of Juarez during September. The total homicide toll for the year now stands at 532 (or according to the previous accounts in El Diario, my total is 536). The end of September marks one year since the PAN governor Javier Corral took office in the state of Chihuahua and the news analysis looks at the year–from October 2016–September 2017. The article below by Sandra Rodriguez looks at the increases in homicides and finds a 60% increase when compared to the previous Oct 2015-2016 period… The central zone (where the capital city of Chihuahua is located) showed the highest rate of increase… In addition to the higher number of homicides, the period has seen an increase in "high impact" crimes, including multiple homicides in public places, executions in bars and nightclubs, the murder of two journalists (Jesus Adrian Rodriguez Samaniego and Miroslava Breach), 15 people killed in a massacre in Madera and on September 26, the murder of 15 people in a rehabilitation center in Ciudad Chihuahua.
Below are the statistics I have from previous El Diario summary articles this year. molly molloy

Juarez 2017
January 54
February 87
March 71
April 31
May 45
June 81
July 49
August 46
September 72

Cierra septiembre con 72 asesinatos

Crece violencia casi al triple con Corral

Sandra Rodríguez/
El Diario de Juárez | Domingo 01 Octubre 2017 | 00:01:00 hrs

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