Mexico murder numbers increase in first half of 2016

By Molly Molloy

Two excellent articles posted below from VICE on the rising murder rates in Mexico. The Interior ministry (SEGOB) has released mid-year crime statistics. See:

Here is also a summary of the homicide statistics from 2007:


YEAR #Homicides Rate=#/100,000
2007* 8,867 8
2008 14,006 13
2009 19,803 18
2010 25,757 23
2011 27,213 24
2012 25,967 22
2013 23,063 19
2014 19,669 16
2015** 18,650 15
2016**(jan-june) 10,301

A TOTAL of 1,828 intentional homicides (homicidios dolosos) in June 2016;

10,301 so far, Jan-June 2016. This averaged to 57 homicides per day in the first half of 2016.

An average of 56 homicides PER DAY from January 2007-June 2016

If we add approximately 25,000 people missing and/or disappeared as reported by the Mexican government***, then the number of people killed or disappeared since 2007 is at least: 218,296.

*Homicide totals 2007-2014 from INEGI:

**Homicide totals 2015-2016 from SESNSP:


Homicides decreased slightly during the first three years of Enrique Peña Nieto’s sexenio, but have increased significantly in the first half of 2016. The average # of homicides PER DAY still stands at about 56—the number for all 6 years of Calderon’s term.

Sexenio Homicides INEGI Homicides per day
Salinas 1989-1994 93,493* 43
Zedillo 1995-2000 80,311 36
Fox 2001-2006 60,162 27
Calderón 2007-2012 121,683 56

*INEGI homicide data for 1990-1994 plus SINAIS (Sistema Nacional de Informacion de Salud) for 1989.

After years of decline, Mexico’s murder rate is heading back to peak drug war levels

Five families massacred in two weeks as Mexico’s murder rate surges

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