Caro Quintero desde la clandestinidad: “Yo no maté a Enrique Camarena” PROCESO

By Molly Molloy

PROCESO magazine has just published an interview, from a secret hiding place, with Rafael Caro Quintero. There is an excerpt of video online and it will be released in full on Monday, according to the website… The article is by Anabel Hernandez… I’ve not read the whole interview (20+ pages) but Hernandez asks Caro to respond to the recent media reports from several army and police sources and by the Chihuahua attorney general, that he plans to take over the Ciudad Juarez plaza…. Here’s a quick translation:

Hernandez: Are you at war with the Sinaloa Cartel?

Caro Quintero: In the first place I don’t have problems with any cartel. I do not know the Beltran Leyva family and I have no problems with them. Nor with the Guzman family. If they have a problem, it is their problem. I respect the Beltrans and I respect the Guzman family also. I respect both families. I don’t know what was the motive for me to be mentioned in this way. I have no problem of this kind and more importantly, I have no reason to be involved in a war. I am struggling to resolve my own problems…Imagine, I was in prison for 29 years. Do you think I’m interested in more problems?

–¿Usted tiene una guerra contra el Cártel de Sinaloa?

–En primer lugar yo no tengo problemas con ningún cártel. No conozco a la familia Beltrán Leyva y no tengo ningún problema con ellos. Y con la familia Guzmán tampoco. Si ellos traen algún problema es de ellos, mis respetos tanto a los Beltrán como a la familia Guzmán, mis respetos para ambas familias, y no sé cuál fue el motivo, por qué me sacaron a mí ahí. Yo no estoy relacionado con ningún problema de esta índole y menos estoy involucrado en una guerra. Si ando batallando para arreglar mi problema… Imagínese, con casi 29 años que estuve preso, ¿tendría ganas de más problemas?

There is much more to the interview, including Caro Quintero’s assertion that he had nothing to do with the murder of Enrique Camarena… A selection of the article is at this link:

Caro Quintero desde la clandestinidad: “Yo no maté a Enrique Camarena

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