frontera-list Homicides in Mexico data from SESNSP Jan-May 2016

By Molly Molloy

Mexico’s SESNSP (Secretariado Ejecutivo de Seguridad Publica) has released national and state homicide statistics for May 2016. See:
And the pdf with detailed statistics on many different crimes:
Also below is a good summary of the statistics on violent crome so far this year from Animal Politico–the major trend is that homicides are on the rise GENERALLY across the country, not just isolated in particular states or regions.

There were 1,746 homicidios dolosos (intentional homicides) nationally in Mexico during May 2016–an increase of 212 over the number of murders in April, continuing a general upward trend for every month this year (except for a small decrease between Mar & Apr).
Jan 1441
Feb 1479
Mar 1543
April 1534
May 1746


YEAR #Homicides Rate=#/100,000
2007* 8,867 8
2008 14,006 13
2009 19,803 18
2010 25,757 23
2011 27,213 24
2012 25,967 22
2013 23,063 19
2014 19,669 16
2015** 18,650 15
2016**(jan-may) 7,743

An average of 55 homicides PER DAY from January 2007-May 2016

If we add approximately 25,000 people missing and/or disappeared as reported by the Mexican government***, then the number of people killed or disappeared since 2007 is at least: 215,738.

*Homicide totals 2007-2014 from INEGI:

**Homicide totals 2015-2016 from SESNSP:




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