3 killed in Salvarcar; other violence in Juarez since Friday

Molly Molloy

Several violent incidents resulting in homicides in Juarez this weekend. On Saturday, three people were shot to death in the patio of a house in the Colonia Salvarcar. It appears that the target of a group of armed men was a 35 year old man named Crispin Lopez who was said to be a drug pusher. He had recently been deported from the US. The other victims were Francisco and Guadalupe Chavez Miranda, aged 72 and 79. The house was reported to have operated as a "picadero" (a place where small amounts of drugs were sold and used by people in the neighborhood.

On Friday, the owner of a tire repair shop was shot to death while accompanied by his 2 daughters in the colonia Misiones del Real. A 7-yr-old girl was shot in the stomach and brought to the hospital while the other child escaped. Witnesses said the shooters appeared to be two young men, no older than 18.

Also on Friday, a decomposed body was found in the trunk of a car that had been impounded in a municipal lot.

The articles from El Diario are posted below… molly

Ejecutan a tres en Salvárcar


El Diario | Domingo 10 Abril 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

Staff/El Diario | Dos de los cuerpos quedaron en el patio de la vivienda

Ejecutan a hombre acompañado de 2 niñas; una está lesionada


El Diario | Viernes 08 Abril 2016 | 20:56 hrs

Hallan ‘encajuelado’ en un corralón municipal


El Diario | Viernes 08 Abril 2016 | 14:50 hrs

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