31 homicides in March; 5 killed in multiple homicide and explosion on April 1; 97 murders in 2016

Molly Molloy

During the month of March there were 28 homicides in the city of Juarez, 4 more murders in the towns of the Valle de Juarez and three bodies were found in clandestine graves–one in the city and 2 in the Valle. The article mentions that all of the murder victims in the city were men. In the article published in El Diario yesterday, the spokesman for the Fiscalia says these numbers are not yet finalized and he denied that there has been an increase in homicides in the city. He attributed the majority of the killings to "settling accounts" [ajustes] between organized crime groups. Also, that most of the killings can be attributed to "narcomenudeo" — the retail drug business in the city. Note: this is the usual official language used to present all of the murder victims as criminals and thus, of no importance.

No sooner had this summary article (posted below) at midnight on April 1, that a house exploded in the neighborhood of Arecas in the southeast area of Juarez. Inside the house were the bodies of 5 murder victims–3 women and 2 men ranging in age from 20 to 50. The victims hands and feet were bound and they were killed by knife blows to the neck and then the house was apparently blown up to destroy the evidence of the killings. As of the news in this morning’s paper, none of the victims have been identified. Anonymous neighbors said that the house had been rented by two men who went by the nicknames "El Cubano" and "El Guerito".

This multiple homicide broke a string of 4 days without a murder in the city.

Adding together the tallies for the city and the towns of the Valle, I have these figures so far for the year:

January — 37

February — 23 + 15 bodies found

March — 31 (28 in the city + 4 in the Valle) + 3 bodies found

April — 6 (the 5 bodies in Las Arecas + one other homicide on April 1.

A total of 97 homicides + 18 bodies found.

Cimbran masacre y explosión en Las Arecas


El Diario | Sábado 02 Abril 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

Cierra marzo con 28 homicidios


El Diario | Viernes 01 Abril 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

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