Project Shadowfire…Nationwide ICE operation

By Molly Molloy

So, in browsing the El Diario headlines this morning, I saw this:

Detienen a 80 pandilleros trasnacionales en área de EP

Alberto Ponce de León
El Diario de El Paso | Lunes 28 Marzo 2016 | 12:32 hrs

A brief google search turned up nothing in the El Paso Times, but I did find this (VERY SELF-LAUDTORY) press release from ICE: (full text posted below) and also several national stories that essentially just quote the government press release…. Note these astonishing statistics…

More than 130 people were accused of immigration violations, and about 80 were arrested because of open warrants.

Agents seized 150 firearms and more than $70,000 in American currency, officials said.

U.S. Anti-Gang Sweep Yields Over 1,100 Arrests




ICE arrests more than 1,100 in operation targeting gangs

More than 40,000 arrested since inception of Operation Community Shield in 2005

About José Luis Benavides

Journalism Professor and director of the Tom & Ethel Bradley Center, California State University, Northridge.

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