At least 4 people found murdered in Juarez over the weekend

The murders of at least 4 people have been reported in the past few days in Juarez and the Valle de Juarez. A man was found dead, apparently shot to death after being tortured around Km 17 on the Casas Grandes Highway today… near the famous "Cerro del Caballo…"

The bodies of a man and a woman were found stabbed to death in a house in the town of El Provenir in the municipio of Praxedis in the Valle de Juarez on Saturday. The article says that a message was found near the bodies, but it doesn’t give the content of the message.
Also in the Valle, in the area of Caseta, in the municipio of Guadalupe the headless body of a man was found alongside an irrigation canal on Friday. It is assumed that the body is of the man whose head was found in the area on Thursday. The article says that some children had found the body wrapped in some bags and other material and they notified military personnel at a checkpoint after calls to emergency 066 were apparently ignored.

Hallan hombre muerto en brecha del Cerro del Caballo

El Diario | Domingo 27 Marzo 2016 | 17:49 hrs

Asesinan a pareja en El Porvenir

Luz del Carmen Sosa/

El Diario | Sábado 26 Marzo 2016 | 21:09 hrs

Hallan un cuerpo decapitado en Caseta

Staff/El Diario | Domingo 27 Marzo 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

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