Mexican military acquits killers / information shutdown on Tlatlaya massacre…Guardian

By Molly Molloy

See also this report from EL PAIS:

La justicia militar libra de cargos a los militares acusados de la masacre de Tlatlaya

La justicia castrense absuelve a seis de los siete elementos implicados y condena a un año al séptimo, tiempo que ya ha cumplido. La justicia civil acusa del homicidio de ocho personas a tres soldados

Mexican soldiers charged with killing 22 people acquitted, rights group reveals

Decision not to convict six of seven soldiers in 2014 murder at Tlatlaya grain warehouse symbolizes country’s lack of military accountability, group said

Police Arrested in Disappearance of 3 Youths in Papantla, Veracruz…Proceso

Molly Molloy

Thanks to Jonas for this translation and summary of:Noé Zavaleta, “Consignan a 7 policías de Papantla por desaparición de 3 jóvenes” Proceso, 03/28/2016​ ​

Police Arrested in Disappearance of 3 Youths in Papantla, Veracruz

summary/translation by Jonas Hamilton (jamesjonashamilton):


On the morning of Monday 03/28/2016 agents of the District Attorney for the State of Veracruz arrested the Municipal Police chief (Secretario de Seguridad Publica) and six officers from the Municipality of Papantla. The detained officers were linked by eye-witness accounts, interviews and forensic evidence to the 03/19 abduction of three youths from Papantla. The incident is only the latest in a series of forced disappearances involving Municipal Police in other municipalities in Veracruz: e.g. 6 youths in the Puerto de Veracruz in December of 2013, 19-55 people in Actopan, Atoyac and Córdoba in 2013,[2] and 5 youths in Tierra Blanca (01/11/16), who were later found to have been handed over to members of the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, by whom they were ostensibly killed and incinerated,[3] The official narrative of the Tierra Blanca incident is strikingly similar to the “verdad historica” of the 43 missing normalistas from Ayotzinapa.

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Project Shadowfire…Nationwide ICE operation

By Molly Molloy

So, in browsing the El Diario headlines this morning, I saw this:

Detienen a 80 pandilleros trasnacionales en área de EP

Alberto Ponce de León
El Diario de El Paso | Lunes 28 Marzo 2016 | 12:32 hrs

A brief google search turned up nothing in the El Paso Times, but I did find this (VERY SELF-LAUDTORY) press release from ICE: (full text posted below) and also several national stories that essentially just quote the government press release…. Note these astonishing statistics…

More than 130 people were accused of immigration violations, and about 80 were arrested because of open warrants.

Agents seized 150 firearms and more than $70,000 in American currency, officials said.

U.S. Anti-Gang Sweep Yields Over 1,100 Arrests




ICE arrests more than 1,100 in operation targeting gangs

More than 40,000 arrested since inception of Operation Community Shield in 2005

At least 4 people found murdered in Juarez over the weekend

The murders of at least 4 people have been reported in the past few days in Juarez and the Valle de Juarez. A man was found dead, apparently shot to death after being tortured around Km 17 on the Casas Grandes Highway today… near the famous "Cerro del Caballo…"

The bodies of a man and a woman were found stabbed to death in a house in the town of El Provenir in the municipio of Praxedis in the Valle de Juarez on Saturday. The article says that a message was found near the bodies, but it doesn’t give the content of the message.
Also in the Valle, in the area of Caseta, in the municipio of Guadalupe the headless body of a man was found alongside an irrigation canal on Friday. It is assumed that the body is of the man whose head was found in the area on Thursday. The article says that some children had found the body wrapped in some bags and other material and they notified military personnel at a checkpoint after calls to emergency 066 were apparently ignored.

Hallan hombre muerto en brecha del Cerro del Caballo

El Diario | Domingo 27 Marzo 2016 | 17:49 hrs

Asesinan a pareja en El Porvenir

Luz del Carmen Sosa/

El Diario | Sábado 26 Marzo 2016 | 21:09 hrs

Hallan un cuerpo decapitado en Caseta

Staff/El Diario | Domingo 27 Marzo 2016 | 00:00:00 hrs

Blackmailing Media Outlets An Ongoing Problem In Mexico…Fronteras Desk

Audio and text of story at the link…Thanks to Fronteras Desk reporter Michel Marizco for sending this story to the list…

"For consideration on the frontera list, I wanted to submit my story on the former newspaper editor-in-chief now accused of extorting news media outlets in the northwestern state of Sonora."

Blackmailing Media Outlets An Ongoing Problem In Mexico