3 members of a family found murdered today in the Valle de Juarez

Three young men were murdered and their bodies were dumped a few meters from the Juarez-Porvenir highway outside of the village of San Agustin in the Valle de Juarez this morning. It was reported that a “narco-mensaje” was left with the bodies.
A second story says that family members have identified the victims but the identities are not officially confirmed.

One is Élmer García Archuleta, a psychology student at the UACJ who worked for a USAID-funded project: Youth: Work México. The other victims were his brother Édgar Iván and cousin Gabriel Gándara Archuleta. Gabriel was the brother of Érika Gandara, a young woman who worked as a policewoman in Guadalupe before she was kidnapped and murdered in late 2010. Her body was eventually found some weeks later in a sewerage canal near the town. [An article about the disappearance of Erika Gandara from the El Paso Times in early January 2011 is posted below from my archive.] The news this morning means that three more members of the same extended family in the Valle de Juarez have been murdered. For a long piece on what was in 2010-2011 the most violent place in Mexico, see: http://www.texasobserver.org/the-deadliest-place-in-mexico/

It is good to keep reminding ourselves and the international news media that before Ayotzinapa, there was Juarez and the Valle de Juarez… molly

Ejecutan a tres y los tiran en la salida de San Agustín

Identifican a asesinados; uno era estudiante de la UACJ

Armed men terrorize Mexican town across from Tornillo; homes set on fire

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