Mexico Second Most Unequal Income Distribution In The OECD…

Mexico has the second most unequal income distribution in the 34 countries in the OECD–generally considered the most developed countries in the world. But, it is less unequal than Chile. And the US is #4 on the list. The measurement is the GINI Co-efficient. Below this Proceso article is an article from last month in USA Today with more explanation. My initial reaction after reading this: income inequality is only part of the explanation for the situation of extreme violence in Mexico. Mexico tied with Argentina as the most corrupt countries in Latin America according to another ranking: Transparency International,

The reports show a trend toward growing inequality in the world most developed countries. -molly (Proceso) (USA Today)

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Belen is a recent journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge. She's covered a myriad of topics including: women in underserved communities, health, education equality, consumer issues, politics, career and job search. Belen is currently looking for any freelance or permanent writing opportunities. Follow her @journobelen.

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