31 Bodies Found On Ranch At Tres Valles, Veracruz State

Below are brief accounts of the mass graves discovered at a ranch near the town of Tres Valles in Veracruz. At least 31 bodies have now been exhumed from shallow pits. The best story is this first one.


El Rancho Del Horror

I’m not able to include the entire article, nor can I print it and do a proper translation, but it is worth going to the link to see the photographs… REFORMA reported earlier today that 8 of the 31 bodies had been identified.

The property known as El Diamante is reported to belong to Fernando Cano Cano, mayor of the municipality of Tres Valles.

Here are a few excerpts:

“The odor in the place is penetrating. Green flies buzz around the rotten carrion and enjoy themselves among the worms. There are 13 holes and from each one two or three bodies were exhumed. It has not been long since the forensic experts left after working like never before. They had to get help from Xalapa and Veracruz. ”

“‘We came here because we heard about a lot of dead bodies found here and back in our neighborhood there are about 4 boys who disappeared. A truck came and blocked off the street and then took them away,’ said a woman who was there with others and they seemed not to notice the nauseating odor nor the heat. They are wives, mothers, aunts, grandmothers or other relatives of disappeared persons–the grief-stricken of Cosamaloapan and nearby towns…like pus from an infected wound… they are desperate. ‘Sometimes you just want to find them already so them you can rest…that they would just tell you they are dead,’ said one of the women whose daughter, Wendy Cruz, has been missing since May.”

The article describes the scene at the ranch and there are numerous photos at the link. There were several statues and candles devoted to Santa Muerte, as well as black candles, Los Siete Potencias and other objects considered evil… The place is described in some detail–leftover food, human waste, dirty mattresses and clothing… Apparently it was a place where people were kept for some time before being killed and buried. Some of the bodies were decapitated and many had hands and feet cut off.

It also notes that in most of the press accounts, it is described as “an abandoned ranch” but that the buildings and land looked to be in good condition. It was confirmed that the property was owned by the PRI mayor of the nearby municipal seat of Tres Valles and that no one could explain how a group of killers were living there.

AND “24 men and 7 women were murdered in this place that is less than 2 kilometers from the police headquarters in the town of Tres Valles. How is it possible that so many people were massacred so close to the police?”

Mass grave containing 28 bodies discovered in eastern Mexico  (The Guardian)


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