In Mexico, Ciudad Juarez reemerging from grip of violence…LATimes

Juarez recovers… interesting that there is no mention of the army incursion into the city in 2008 and the steady increase in killings from March 2008 until near the end of 2011.  The numbers are essentially correct, though I would say “more than 11,000” rather than “nearly…”  The good thing about the article is that it is clear that the reporter spent time talking to people in different areas and different social classes in the city, including residents of the very poor barrios in the southeast. And it is always good to have a clear mention of the maquiladora wages: $58 per week.

Also  the article from April 30 on the final death toll for April…30.  And for the year: January 32, February 41, March 40 and April 30.  El Diario had earlier reported 42 murders in March. In any case, the number if killings is going down and hovers at 1.2 per day. The total for the year is now 145 or 143.

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