Policewoman Arrested for Murder in Shooting Yesterday

In an incident yesterday, four people were shot outside of a house in the Colonia Anahuac. One victim died. An active agent of the municipal police, a woman identified as Verónica Cinthia Martínez Morales, 30, was arrested as being one of the shooters. Three young men were also arrested. 

The article reports that so far this year, 139 people have been murdered in Juarez–30 in January, 40 in February, 42 in March and so far 27 in April. Click here to read the El Diaro story in Spanish.

Also posted below is an article reporting on the finding of a body south of the city along the Casa Grandes highway. It has not been identified but police think is was a woman, based on the clothing found at the scene. No cause of death is reported. Click here to read the article.

About belenchacon

Belen is a recent journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge. She's covered a myriad of topics including: women in underserved communities, health, education equality, consumer issues, politics, career and job search. Belen is currently looking for any freelance or permanent writing opportunities. Follow her @journobelen.

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