3rd anniversary of Villas del Salvarcar massacre–EPTimes

Juárez families, neighborhood scarred by 2010 massacre

Parents of the victims and Villa de Salvárcar’s neighbors have said that the massacre was a mistake. They said that there were no members from the AA gang at the party, but that there were players from the CBTIS 128 "Jaguares" Football Juvenile AA League. Five of them survived and two died, according to news archives.

"They were good teenagers. They were students and they liked sports," said Rosario Montalvo, a neighbor who said she knew most of the people at the party.

The massacre left 15 dead, including two children and three adults who were not part of the party.

About José Luis Benavides

Journalism Professor and director of the Tom & Ethel Bradley Center, California State University, Northridge.

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