Confrontations reported in Mexico State; 30 dead, unofficial outcome…PROCESO

There were several “hot-spots” of violence in Mexico reported this weekend. I will try to send more info and a summary later.  As far as I can tell, this last one is the most serious (30 dead) and I can find nothing in the English-language press on it… This one is also unique in the LACK of information provided.

Here’s a quick translation–it is very literal on purpose to emphasize the lack of real information in the report… Note the conditional terms… We might hope to find out more about this confrontation, but at the least, we must ask: if there are no bodies, how do we know that there are 30 people dead? If there are no bodies, how do we know that the dead are “sicarios?” If there are no bodies, how do we know how many are dead? How does anyone know who took bodies away? As well as this report from the military in the region, would it not be just as logical to assume that the military or a paramilitary force went into the area, killed a bunch of people and then did away with the bodies? But since residents of the zone apparently saw and heard the shooting, the military was not able to deny that something happened…?  Just asking…  molly
 Confrontations reported in Mexico State; 30 dead, unofficial outcome…
At least 30 presumed sicarios dead is the balance of two confrontations that took place this afternoon (Sunday) between armed groups in the south of the State of Mexico, according to security forces. There are still no official figures on the number of dead or injured.

Supposedly, the bodies were taken away from the scene by presumed members of criminal groups that participated in the confrontations, the sources added. Sources from the 22nd Military Zone reported that their troops went to the area after learning about reports of the shootout, but they did not find any bodies. They indicated that elements assigned to Tejupilco went to the zone and that some of the residents told them that they heard shots for some period of time; others said that they had seen bodies, reported the sources. Each criminal group could have taken the bodies away, the source added.

The first event, lasting a little more than an hour, took place in the community Caja de Agua, in the municipality of Luvianos, and in which presumed members of La Familia Michoacana and residents of the zone participated. Afterwards, a group opposed to the Knights Templar joined the confrontation. The battles then moved toward the Cerro de la Culebra in the same locality. Vehicles of both groups were left behind, destroyed by the impacts of high caliber ammunition that was exchanged during more than three hours. Until now, according to military reports, no persons were reported to be detained. 

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security and of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico arrived at the scene. Federal forces had already arrived in order to verify the events. At least 30 soldiers are patrolling the zone.

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