at least 23 dead Tues and Wed in Nuevo Leon state

In case there are any doubts as to the continuing violence in different places in Mexico as summarized yesterday in Jim Creechan’s post, this was posted this morning in REFORMA… Yesterday, 12 people were killed in Nuevo Leon and so far this morning, 11 more people have been assassinated in the same region.

A google translation is below… molly
Executed 11 reported in Nuevo Leon
Reform | 08.29.2012 | 8:51
After a day Monterrey that left 12 executed in Nuevo Leon, this morning continued the violence that left 11 people killed.
These crimes, which occurred between the first minutes of Wednesday and 7:30 am in several municipalities of the state, are related to organized crime.
On Tuesday, the violence claimed the lives of 12 people, four decapitated, dismembered and seven executed one.
This morning, judicial police and experts of the Office began an investigation of the cases, the first recorded in the municipality of Santa Catarina, where three men were shot.
The discovery of the bodies was recorded near the 0:40 hours in an alley located between a vacant lot and a factory in the streets Solidarity and Cuauhtémoc, Colonia Las Palmas.
The three youths, aged between 18 and 25 years old, had a bullet wound in his forehead, apparently 9mm.
A police source reported that relatives of the victims said that gunmen had raised the young as they gathered in a house in the Colonia La Fama 4.
A second incident occurred in Escobedo, where were found the bodies of two people executed in an abandoned van on the edge of the Northwest Bypass, on kilometer 24 of the road.
In Cienega de Flores, around 5:00 pm, a man was found maimed in the streets of Villa de Alcalá Fractionation, on the border with Zuazua.
Furthermore, in two points of the Municipality of Fisheries were found the dismembered remains of two others.
In the municipality of Montemorelos two men died and a woman was seriously injured when attacked with bullets as they traveled in a van.
The attack occurred at Kilometer 191 of the National Road in the community of Buenavista.
Finally, one person died and another was wounded when attacked on the road dead-Juarez Apodaca, Apodaca, opposite Colonia Pueblo Nuevo, around 7:30 am.
Just on Monday, Gen. Noe Sandoval Alcazar, Commander of the Fourth Military Region, said the criminal group Los Zetas had lost strength due to the coordinated efforts of the Army to the state and municipal police of Nuevo Leon.
State Security spokesman, Jorge Domene even attributed the alleged failure to blows against bands that gave the state authority.
However, the violence raged in the state yesterday.

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