Juarez business booming… Forbes & Global Post


Big businesses boom in an unlikely Mexican city

note the repeat of the 60,000 figure…realistic estimates posted on Frontera List, Reforma and LeMonde are in the 100,000-120,000 range; the Mexican government is no longer separating murders into “cartel-related” and other…

Would towns on the US side of the border be envious if jobs paid $500 per month? A $500 per month job (40 hours per week for 4 weeks comes to about $3 per hour… And actually, the Mexican work week is about 48 hours… So, less… Wages earned by workers on assembly lines in Juarez plants are “much less” as noted in the clip. Nowhere in the articles does the reporter ask, nor is any business leader quoted as saying how much less… Well, it is about $50 per week… or $200 per month… or for a 48 hour week about $1.00 per hour. I know for a fact that the workers in Juarez on factory assembly lines cannot afford to eat at the US fast-food chains mentioned elsewhere in the article...

Just who are the “They…” who “are able to keep violence at bay”? No mention of HOW they do it… Most likely they have come to an agreement to pay the extortion asked of them…  Hundreds of small businesses have not been able to pay and their businesses have been burned and many business owners have been killed or run out of the city and/or the country. These deaths are chalked up in the “drug-related” tally… Yet, there is ample testimony that the extortionists in many cases are police and other law enforcement officers…



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