49 murders in June in Juarez…lowest since early 2008…total of 536 for the year–El Diario

The month of June ended with 49 murders, the lowest number since the first
months of 2008–the year that the epidemic of violence began in Juarez.  On
10 separate days in June, no murders were recorded. The average number of
murders per day in June was less than two. For the first 6 months of 2012,
there have been 536 murders, an average of 2.9 per day for the year.

Various authorities offer there opinions about the reasons for the lower
number of homicides. For instance, the arrest and detention of more
dangerous criminals involved in extortion and kidnapping…also preventing
prisoners from helping to run gangs from inside the prisons… The Fiscal
also credited “cleansing” operations inside the municipal and state
police–getting rid of police who were actively helping to run the gangs…
A spokesman for an organization of lawyers said that the state and
municipal police may deserve some credit for lowering the rate of violence,
but not the federal police.  He said that the violence started to gradually
decline as soon as the federal forces left the city…

Junio, el mes con menos asesinatos en 4 años

A Google translation is posted below…


June, the month with the fewest murders in four years


The Journal | 30.06.2012 | 23:21

June 2012 closed with an account of 49 murders, which became the month with
fewer cases since the beginning of the escalation of violence in Juarez in

In February 2008 there were 49 executions and also in January of that year
there were 46.

In June 2012, also presented the highest number without violent days, the
documented 10 days in which there were no murders. The date was recorded
more deaths on Friday June 22, with five.

For the IA this reduction has primarily been with the police clearance and
actions taken to undermine the power of operation of kidnappers,
extortionists and car thieves.

On average, during the recently completed 30 days were 1.6 murders per day.
In June 2008 there were 4.7 homicides per day, 8.6 in the same month in
2009, 10.4 in 2010 and 4.9 in June 2011.

In the first six months of 2012 have committed 536 murders, whereas in the
same period in 2011 were committed thousand 114.

The 2011 data reported that in January there had been 222 homicides in
February 231 March 183 April 171 May 151 and June 156.

Official figures for 2012 indicate that this was made in January 118, to
February 81, March 105, were documented for April 108, May 74 and June 49.

Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas, head of the Office of Investigation and Prosecution
of Crime, said that some time has diminished to one of the groups operating
in the city, which has led them to reduce their ability to generate

He said one of the factors that influenced this decline is to combat highly
dangerous inmates who kept advising groups operating in the streets of the
city to continue kidnapping, extorting and stealing cars.

Another factor were the reforms for much higher penalties. He said that
these penalties have the function as well as punish the offender, the
general social prevention for men that offended or who are considered
potential criminals continue to refrain from breaking the law.

He said the judiciary has contributed significantly in this fight to
expedite search warrants in a period no longer than 45 minutes, plus arrest
and detention cases of emergency.

He mentioned that they have secured more than eight thousand vehicles in
which they committed crimes of all kinds, have been arrested 500 kidnappers
and extortionists, secured more than 800 thousand weapons and arrested
individuals was important in the criminal structure.

However, one of the determining factors that undermined criminal groups was
haberles taken from the police who were working for them with the input of
sensitive information they received from the strategic operation against
him, he said.

The power of criminal groups is not based solely on the number of people,
weapons or vehicles, but on the protection and information they receive
from agents who have infiltrated the police forces, he said.

“Having done the clean that were made in the police, the tests of
reliability and control systems that are, were decisive,” he said.

Police said both the City and State were discharged on average 10 per cent
of operational strength, but about those who stayed imposing certain
controls preventing them from working with organized crime.

He said that needs to be done, because there are still extortion, murder
and other crimes that generate high impact mistrust in society.

But he said that in comparison with the figures recorded in 2008, 2009,
2010 and 2011, with these months of 2012, there is a substantial difference.

For the president of the Supervisory Board of the National Confederation of
Lawyers of Mexico, Salvador Urbina Quiroz, decreased the incidence of
homicide has been worn by one of the groups operating in the locality.

This is an important factor, while recognizing the work done by local
authorities, he said.

In this sense it is noteworthy that the recognition is for state and
municipal police, but not for federal, he said.

“Since the time that the federales left, the level of executions began to
decrease gradually in Juarez,” he said.

Urbina Quiroz for June is a historic month for Ciudad Juarez, because it
has a figure rarely seen since the beginning of the wave of violence in
this border.

However, it stressed that low can not be attributed entirely to the
authorities, said that if it were so, then also extortion and auto theft
with violence have registered record numbers.

“We must recognize that both the State and Municipal Police have arrested
people, it’s definitely good news, but with reservations. In five years is
the first time we have a number of deaths so low, “he said.

In May of this year there were 74 murders, including six women, two
children and two policemen. (Staff / The Journal)



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