Murder Capital opens in Irvine, CA Friday…

With the critical 2012 Mexican Presidential election on Sunday, the
controversial documentary, “Murder Capital of the World” will open this
Friday at the Edwards Univ.Town Center in Irvine, CA for a minimum one-week
run. The website is

The 85 minute documentary previews this election as well as addressing the
drug war, which has been a major part of each candidates campaign.

Charlie Minn


About virginiaisaad

Virginia is a journalist based in Los Angeles who's written for publications including Los Angeles magazine, Upworthy, and Elite Daily. She was born in Argentina and raised in the San Fernando Valley along with her three siblings. Fun fact: She took a Chicanas and Feminism course with Eva Longoria while studying for her master's in mass communication at California State University, Northridge. Follow her on Twitter @virginiaisaad

One thought on “Murder Capital opens in Irvine, CA Friday…

  1. was just in Juarez in march and interviewing people on their thoughts
    on the upcoming elections and I was amazed by how sure everyone in Juarez is that the PRI is going to win. In fact, they say they’ve already won and that they’re happy because at least with them the violence will stop because they will just look the other way like they used to.

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